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  • Sexual Assault Awareness Month ends with success

    As many of you may have noticed, there was an unusual amount of the color teal seen around Andersen throughout April to recognize Sexual Assault Awareness Month, a month dedicated to promoting sexual assault awareness and prevention. Did you know that one in six women and one in 33 men will be a

  • AFSO21 a 'culture and a process'

    In December 2006, I was called into the office of Capt. Gordon Beran, Operations Officer for the 36th Maintenance Squadron. He informed me that I would be taking command of the Aerospace Ground Equipment Flight immediately. Master Sgt. Landis Pauole would be joining me as my new Flight Chief and we

  • ADAPTing a plan: drinking responsibly on Andersen

    Before going out to drink, have a good plan and always have a wingman. Also have a good understanding of what constitutes a drink. One drink can be defined as one 12-ounce beer, one shot of liquor, or four ounces of wine. This does not include specialty drinks such as "The Ammo Bowl." "The Ammo

  • Team Andersen furthers education through base education office

    These days it's important to go above and beyond just a high school diploma. Employers are looking for highly qualified and educated people. This means that a high school education just won't do. Education is highly encouraged in the U.S. Air Force, so much so that you have to have your Community

  • Thanks for the CFC contributions

    Over the last six weeks of the Combined Federal Campaign, the 36th Wing and tenant units raised over $153,000. More than 40 percent of Team Andersen made a donation to one or more of the 2,400 charities covered by the CFC. With the current economic downturn it would have been very easy for most of

  • CFC: The Debate to Donate

    As this year's Combined Federal Campaign begins wrapping up, many of you are currently debating whether or not to donate. As I have been going around talking to people about CFC I have heard many reasons why people choose not to donate. Below are the top three reasons I have heard and my response to

  • Stride toward saving your own life: Breast Cancer Awareness

    Did you know anyone can develop breast cancer? Did you know the National Cancer Institute estimates that more than 184,000 new breast cancer cases are expected to be diagnosed in 2008? Did you know October is National Breast Cancer awareness month? Right now there are more than two million women

  • I can save my own life: Control your own destiny

    Controlling your own destiny is a term often associated with sports meaning a team only has to win to make the playoffs. In life, "making the playoffs" can take on a different meaning - progression in your career or even your life.Everyone loves to use the phrase, "We're undermanned," but in some

  • I can save my own Life: Managing personal finances

    To Staff Sergeant Anthony Powell, 36th Communications Squadron Postal Office non-commissioned officer in charge, managing personal finances his way of living the words, "I can save my own life." "Financial Management means that I manage my debts appropriately and I am accountable," explains Sergeant

  • What you're getting when buying organic produce

    We're reminded everyday we need to eat more fruits and vegetables to live long and healthy lives. However, walk into any supermarket and you're bombarded with not only hundreds of varieties of produce but now numerous types of varieties of produce. Should you pay 50 percent more for the organic

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