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Keeping Aircraft and the Environment clean

Keeping Aircraft and the Environment clean

Andersen LOADEX

Andersen LOADEX

B-52 End of an Era

B-52 End of an Era

36th Maintenance Group Mission


The mission of the 36th Maintenance Group is to integrate and employ maintenance professionals to generate and sustain quality aircraft, munitions, and equipment for the 36th Wing in support of Pacific Command and Pacific Air Force taskings, while also enabling the Air Mobility Command mission.

The 36th MXG vision is to strive to become a world-class maintenance organization serving as PACAF's most ready combat capability from U.S. soil.

36th Maintenance Group News



Col. Raymond Handrich

Lt. Col. Nathan Maresh
Deputy Commander

CMSgt. Michael MacNeil


DSN: 366-2119
Comm: (671) 366-2119
Email: 36mxg.cce@us.af.mil