36th Maintenance Squadron

36th Maintenance Squadron


To provide safe, reliable aircraft and equipment maintenance capability to enable theatre command operational objectives and exercises, and to rapidly respond when called on in support of contingencies across the globe.


A seamlessly integrated team of professional Airmen leaders delivering world-class, disciplined maintenance; an organization proven to deliver Pacific Airpower like no one else.


Aerospace Ground Equipment
The Aerospace Ground Equipment Flight is responsible for the maintenance, inspection and dispatch of over 650 pieces of equipment. The flight is comprised of four sections: Production Support section manages the flight's programs; Wing AGE Section maintains AGE for MUNS, AMC, Transient Alert, and Tanker aircraft; Bomber/Global Hawk Section supports CBP and Global Hawk aircraft; and WRM section maintains and inspects WRM equipment in support of CBP/TSP aircraft and major exercises.

The Fabrication Flight is comprised of 3 sections: Non-Destructive Inspection (NDI), Aircraft Structural Maintenance and Aircraft Metals Technology. NDI performs several operations to include Oil Analysis, X-Ray and dye-penetrant inspections. Aircraft Structural Maintenance performs sheet metal and tubing repairs, and maintains a wash rack for aircraft washes and a corrosion control facility for painting of support equipment. Aircraft Metals Technology performs machining of aircraft and support equipment, as well as maintains aircraft and support equipment utilizing several types of welding operations.

Test, Measurement, and Diagnostic Equipment (TMDE)
The Precision Measurement Equipment Lab (PMEL) is a contract Type IIB calibration facility that certifies the accuracy of TMDE and repairs equipment to component level. The laboratory has an electronics section that supports signal generation and reception systems, spectrum analysis and oscilloscope systems, AC/DC voltage, current, resistance, inductance and capacitance measuring TMDE. A physical/dimensional section is available to support torque, rotational, pressure (nitrogen, oxygen and hydraulic), flow (air only), vacuum, temperature, humidity, various weighting, linear and optical measuring TMDE.

The Accessories Flight consists of four sections: Electrical and Environmental (E/E), Fuel Systems Repair, Egress, and Hydraulics Maintenance Sections. E/E is manned by permanent party while the other sections are manned by deployed personnel. E/E maintains Liquid Oxygen (LOX) carts, Gaseous Oxygen (GOX) carts, and various Transient Aircraft batteries by performing scheduled and unscheduled maintenance. Fuel Systems performs aircraft in-tank fuel system inspections and maintenance to ensure constant proper fuel flow is achieved. Egress performs inspections and maintenance that ensure emergency second-hand exit strategies in aircraft for pilots and crew members. When deployed-in, the hydraulics section manufactures and tests pressure line assemblies, as well as maintains and repairs all flight control, landing gear, and hydraulic power system components.

Maintenance Flight
The Maintenance Flight encompasses oversight of the Transient Alert contract, Global Hawk wheel and tire, and deployed fighter wheel and tire operations. They are responsible for the Bomber Aerospace Repair & Reclamation missions which are performed primarily by deployed personnel. Additionally, they are the OPR for all Crashed, Disabled, or Damaged Aircraft Recovery (CDDAR) operations on and off base as well as for all flight-line crane operations.

The Armament Flight's mission focus is the preservation of War Reserve Material for B-52, B-2, and B-1 aircraft. The flight schedules and maintains well over 1,800 pieces of Armament equipment. They ensure the maintenance support equipment and weapon loading adapters for Weapons Load Crews are on ready-use status and serviceable. Additionally, they conduct training and provide technical expertise on the installation and removal of the Common Strategic Rotary Launcher from the MHU-110 trailer to enhance user proficiency.        

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