36th Comptroller Squadron


36th Comptroller Squadron

Funding the Fight from the Forward Edge
36th Wing
Video by Staff Sgt. Kevin Iinuma
July 28, 2021 | 2:17
36th Comptroller Squadron members showcase their financial services July 28, 2021 on Andersen Air Force Base, Guam. The finance mission is to provide a full spectrum support through financial management to team Andersen in the areas of financial analysis and services. (U.S. Air Force video/Staff Sgt. Kevin Iinuma) More


   Maj. Gordon Randall



Provide full spectrum support through superb financial management to TEAM Andersen in the areas of financial analysis and services.


To be the best in the Air Force at providing outstanding budget decision support to commanders and world class financial services to our customers while maintaining the ability to deploy immediately when called upon.

Financial Services Flight

The Financial Services Flight provides pay and travel pay related customer service to the military members and civilian employees of Andersen AFB.

Contact Info:
DSN: 366-1770
Comm: 671-366-1770
Email: 36cptshelp@us.af.mil

Disbursing Office Hours:
Submit an inquiry in the Comptroller Services Portal or call to create an appointment.

Finance In-processing:

Mass in-processing conducted at Right Start Briefings – Every Thursday – Sign up through your CSS

Please be sure to bring a copy of your orders, airline receipts, any receipts for expenses over $75, and VPC form.


Newcomer's Guide

Virtual Finance - You will find useful links and information regarding all things financial.

COLA Rates

- Find the COLA rate for your grade, years of  service and # of dependents. The locality code for Guam is GU001.

OHA Rates - Find the OHA rate for your grade and dependency status. The locality code for Guam is GU001.

TLA Calculator on AF Portal - https://www.my.af.mil/gcss-af/USAF/AFP40/d/sA1FBF31D23D21F6B0123ED377B730575/Files/Calculators/TLA_Calculator.htm#

Comptroller Services Portal - Submit military, travel, and civilian pay inquiries.


Financial Analysis Flight

The Financial Analysis Flight is responsible for formulating, executing, and analyzing Air Force funds received for assigned mission activities.

Contact Information:
DSN: 366-4937
Comm: 671-366-4937
Email: 36CPTS_FMA@us.af.mil

Emergency Leave:
Guidance: AFI 36-3003, Military Leave Program
After duty hours: First Sergeant's should contact the emergency leave cell phone number or if needed, contact the Command Post at 366-2981.


Validate Accounting Data:

Air Force Coding Package:

contact us

DSN: 366-1770
Comm: 671-366-1770
Email: 36cpts.fmf.cs@us.af.mil

Customer Service Hours: 

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday:  0900 to 1400
Wednesday:  0900 to 1200
Wednesday:  1300 to 1530 Right Start (In-Processing ONLY)
Weekends and Holidays:  CLOSED
Located in Consolidated Support Building - Bldg 22026