736th Security Forces Squadron

 736th Security Forces Squadron


Deliver lethal defense and training throughout INDOPACOM.


The 736th Security Forces Squadron includes the following sections:

S1 - Personnel 315-366-2189

S3- Contingency Response 315-366-2072

S3 - Commando Warrior 315-362-6012

S4 - Logistics 315-366-3425

The 736th Security Forces Squadron is a dual-mission squadron with two very unique missions. 

The Contingency Response section provides first-in force protection for the 36th Contingency Response Group during air base opening, contingency, and humanitarian assistance operations throughout the Pacific area of operations. The unit is tasked with an airborne mission as well, and 17 members of the squadron are airborne qualified. Members of the unit also participate in subject matter expert exchanges with various allied nations within the theater.

Commando Warrior Pacific Regional Training Center provides first class training to over 900 Airmen annually. Commando Warrior personnel conduct a 17-day pre-deployment training focusing on ground combat skills in order to prepare Security Forces members for combat operations downrange. Commando Warrior also teaches a five-day Anti-Terrorism Level II course, and a 12-day Electronic Security Systems course. The schoolhouse has 25 instructors assigned to it, all with high levels of deployment experience, ensuring that all students receive the most up-to-date training.

The support functions provide the needed logistics and administrative overview to ensure the success of the squadron's two unique missions.

Training is the main priority in the 736th Security Forces Squadron. Whether Airmen are training on static defense, weapons, airborne operations, or sniper engagements, members of the 736th Security Forces Squadron can normally be found in the training areas of Anderson South or Northwest field honing their skills.

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Unit 14048, Bldg 23022
APO, AP 96543-4048

Commercial:  671-366-6386
DSN:  315-366-6386/ 315-362-2889
Email: 736SFS.css@us.af.mil