36 Security Forces Squadron

36th Security Forces Squadron 


"Provide pre-eminent combat capability across the spectrum of conflict"


The 36th Security Forces Squadron provides robust security support for five Major Command's Protection Level resources vital our Nation's security. The unit is also responsible for executing a strong law enforcement presence, providing a safe and secure environment for Team Andersen's military members and families to live, work and play. Stemming from the unit's Arc Light Defender heritage, security forces and their K-9 partners are ready, able and willing to respond a moment's notice to any situation at home station and abroad.

The 36th Security Forces Squadron includes the following sections:
S1 - Command Support Staff - 315-366-4908
S2 - Investigations - 315-366-7098
S3 - Operations and Training - 315-366-2910
S4 - Logistics - 315-366-1134
S5 - Plans and Programs - 315-366-7202
Andersen AFB Motor Vehicle Traffic Supervision


Effective 15 July 2017, NCACS (RAPIDGate) will no longer be accepted as a valid credential. Andersen AFB will transition from paper passes (AF Form 75 and DBIDS pass) to a DBIDS credential. If you have an active Navy Commercial Access Control System (NCACS) card


(RAPIDGate), have not received a Defense Biometric Identification System (DBIDS) paper pass:

- Proceed to Pass & ID, building 14615, located at North Gate 

- Present your NCACS card and approved tracking number

- The Security Assistant will update personal demographics

- DBIDS paper pass will be issued to facilitate access


If you DO NOT have a NCACS card, the following is required to obtain a DBIDS credential:  

- Proceed to Pass & ID, building 14615, located at North Gate

- Present a valid photo identification card and an approved tracking number

- The Security Assistant will complete DBIDS registration process for EMPLOYEE enrollment

- A short term visitor pass will be issued to facilitate access


Approved Company/Vendor/Suppliers Registration 

*To be completed by 15 May 2017.  Please email the below requested

information to 36sfs.vcc@us.af.mil, subject: Company Registration

- Company/Vendor/Supplier Name

- Physical Address

- Phone number

- Point of Contact


**Procedural changes effective 15 May 2017


When applying for base access the following documents are required for processing:

- Base Access Request

- III Log

- Base Access Affidavit


(The above documents can be obtained from Pass & ID or online via www.andersen.af.mil, select "Units," then "36th Security Forces Squadron")


- Valid photo identification; a Real ID Act-compliant state driver's license and a passport (for Guam driver's licenses)

- Court clearance, current within 30 days

- Tracking number assigned upon receipt of all documents

- Upon approval of access requirements, a DBIDS credential will be issued for new employees


Please direct any questions and concerns to the AAFB Visitor Control Center POC, TSgt Mary Paulino, 366-5654 or mary.paulino@us.af.mil


Jinapsan Beach Landowner Information:

Jinapsan Beach Property Owners Wing Policy Letter 

Landowners Pass Procedures:

Jinapsan Power of Attorney Template

For questions concerning base access or landownership documentation, please call the following:
Mr. Jimmy Tyquiengco, AAFB Real Property Office, 36 CES/CERR: 366-5056/6169/1670/5055
Mr. Kurt Grunawalt, AAFB Legal Office, 36 WG/SJA: 366-6039/2937
Andersen Visitors Control Center: 366-5650/5651

In the event of an emergency:
a telephone is located at the Tarague Beach Life Guard Stand. Dial 911 and give Andersen address and name clearly.

Trespass Notice:

The 36th Security Forces Squadron firing range is gated and located on the beach road passed Pati point. It is illegal and dangerous to trespass on the firing range, especially during live fire exercises and/or qualifications. Trespassing and entering without notice or prior authorization from Combat Arms personnel may lead to serious injury or death. For range information or entry authorization, please contact TSgt Dela Cruz, daniel.dela_cruz.1@us.af.mil or SSgt Keel, matthew.keel.2@us.af.mil, call 366-2254 or visit the Combat Arms office at Bldg 20001.


Contact us

36 SFS
Unit 14013
APO AP 96543-4013
Phone: DSN 366-4523 Commercial (671) 366-4523