36th Munitions Squadron



Maintain and assemble conventional munitions directly supporting USPACOM OPLANS, contingencies and exercises while providing daily use munitions for air base defense, small arms training, and aircrew training for transient, deployed and tenant units; ensure War Reserve Materiel (WRM) munitions, alternate mission equipment, and facilities are maintained in the highest state of wartime readiness.​ 


To provide the firepower behind the 36th Wing's Pacific Airpower. The munitions squadron stores, inspects, maintains, and accounts for the largest munitions stockpile in Pacific Air Forces and assembles and delivers these munitions to deployed combat aircraft during wartime or contingency operations. 36 MUNS is responsible for a vast storage area spanning over two separate Munitions storage areas.  We oversea 4400 acres which encompasses 143 storage facilities, 9 operating locations, 15 sited storage pads, and 1 flightline munitions holding area.

The Materiel Flight is entrusted with the health of Andersen's stockpile which is valued in excess of $1.7 billion. They ensure proper storage practices are utilized, inspect and maintain these munitions and ensure accountability of over 8.8 million individual items.

The Systems Flight exercises control over all activities that occur within the munitions arena. They direct all daily operations, emergency response and ensure proper combat support. The flight is also responsible for managing plans and scheduling, training and resources. This includes upgrade, ancillary and augmentee training and personnel reporting, manning and mobility programs to ensure readiness.

The Production Flight provides assembly and delivery capability of all munitions types employed from Andersen. They maintain assembly proficiency for over 180 types of bombs, missiles and countermeasures. They also maintain munitions handling trailers and associated handling equipment valued at over $830 million.

  • 17.5M lbs of Net Explosive Weight (45.7M capacity)
  • Air Force’s largest conventional War Reserve Stockpile and JASSM cache


Semi-annual Munitions Inventory

Who:  The 36th Munitions Squadron
What:  Performing a 100% munitions stockpile inventory
When:  Between the dates of 9-13 March 2020
Where:  Munitions Storage Area 1 and 2, Andersen AFB
Why:  The inventory is being conducted in accordance with AFMAN 21-201, Section A3.4.4.2.  

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