To rapidly deploy combat ready Airmen and communications in support of Pacific Theater contingencies


The 644th CBCS incorporates more than 17 Air Force Specialty Codes and 134 personnel into a close-knit deployable communications team. It is a rapid-deployment unit designed to deploy all or part of a 32-person team "within a moments notice" to establish and provide "initial" NIPR/SIPR services and Secure/Non-secure voice capabilities.
As one component of the 36th Contingency Response Group, 644th CBCS is a vital asset available to Air Force leadership to respond to the growing number of fast-moving contingency deployments that today's Air Force experience in the Pacific area of responsibility.

The 644th CBCS is comprised of the Commander's staff and the following flights: 

Staff Flight
- Includes the Commander, Deputy Commander, Chief Enlisted Manager, and First Sergeant.

Quality Assurance Flight
- home to the Quality Assurance work center, Communications Focal Point as well as the Unit Deployment Managers. The Quality Assurance section monitors compliance for work-center self-sufficiency and monitors the squadron's compliance with multiple wing, command-level, and higher headquarters programs to include self-inspection, corrosion control, electrostatic discharge management, technical order management, and training evaluations. The Communication Focal Point section provides oversight of production and maintenance activities for $49 million dollars in Theater Deployable Communications equipment and acts as the commander's centralized source on the status of all equipment assets assigned to the unit. The Unit Deployment Management section supervises deployment planning and execution operations for 134 personnel and $49 million dollars in Theater Deployable Communications equipment in order to support worldwide contingencies, disaster relief missions, and coalition war-fighter missions.

Network Infrastructure Flight
- consists of Data, Cyber Transport and Voice work centers. They are responsible for providing routing/switching capabilities along with tech control and voice services.

Transmissions Flight
- consists of Satellite Communications and Ground Radio work centers. They provide SATCOM along with LMR and other ground radio capabilities.

Network Operations Flight
is home to the Network Control Center. They provide NIPRNET/SIPRNET email services along with Internet capabilities.

Combat Support Flight
- consists of the Combat Readiness Section, Materiel Control, and the Plans & Engineering work centers. This flight is responsible for supply and materiel control as well as planning all exercises and deployments. They also ensure that all squadron members are trained in combat skills to meet today's high tempo operations.

Civil Engineering Flight
- provides all power production and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) services required to sustain expeditionary communications services in austere operating environments.

The Air Force Engineering & Technical Services Flight
- provides subject matter expertise and advanced knowledge and applications training in a wide variety of cyber disciplines in order to enhance the technical prowess of all 644th CBCS cyber war-fighters.


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