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Retiree Activities Office (RAO)

The RAO mission is to act as an interface between the active duty and retired communities, to keep you updated on matters which relate to your status as a military retiree, to provide information and services as necessary or appropriate, and to represent retired members at the base and Air Force level. The RAO also assists the Installation Commander by supporting various aspects of the base mission

The Guam Retiree Activities Office and our volunteers are here to serve you and your needs to the best of our ability. Information, services, and programs for our military retirees of all ranks and services are provided. We will search for any answers we do not have readily available.

The Retiree Activity Office is operated solely by volunteers to provide information and assistance for all local area and visiting military retirees, family members, and surviving spouses of retirees. The Office maintains a library of pertinent information concerning military retirees of all ranks and services.  Our ultimate focus is to support, advance and unify the retired, active military, veteran, and local communities.

Contact Information

Andersen AFB:
Unit 14003
APO AP 96543-4003
(671) 366-2574
DSN: 315-366-2574
E-mail: Guam.RAO@us.af.mil or Guam.RAO@gmail.com

Office hours: by appointment

All efforts will be made to answer telephone messages and e-mails as soon as possible. Questions and/or issues that cannot be immediately answered will be thoroughly researched and addressed as expeditiously as possible.


Guam RAO

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