I can save my own Life: Managing personal finances

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Nichelle Griffiths
  • 36th Wing Public Affairs
To Staff Sergeant Anthony Powell, 36th Communications Squadron Postal Office non-commissioned officer in charge, managing personal finances his way of living the words, "I can save my own life."

"Financial Management means that I manage my debts appropriately and I am accountable," explains Sergeant Powell.

Airmen need to know that it is important to manage your finances. If you don't, it can have adverse and long-term effects. Some may not know but employers can and will look at your credit score as a decision making tool during the hiring process. It can and will affect what kind of house you live in or car you're able to purchase.

Sergeant Powell ensures that his finances are in order by paying debts on time, Investing and saving for his future. He recognizes the importance of financial management while on station and deployed.

Sergeant Powell is currently deployed he knows that having his finances squared away is very important therefore prior to his deployment he created a plan to ensure his financial responsibilities are in order.

"During my absence I've ensured that my wife is able to do anything to our finances," Sergeant Powell said. "While deployed, it is harder for me to access my accounts and keep things in order to ensure that my finances are squared away is essential.

"Know that deployments are part of our life and being ready when called upon is part of our duty, this includes being financially prepared," he added.

He said he believes that it is important to plan and be prepared financially for not only for yourself but for your family.

He explained that a part of taking care of your family is managing your finances, and that is vital in providing for your family.

"My wife and I both do our own part when it comes to finances," Sergeant Powell said. "We have a system and that system works for us. I take care of certain things, and she takes care of others. I pay the bills, and she balances the check book. She also maintains everything on a spreadsheet; it's a check and balance system." 

You are never too young start saving and investing for you and your family. Know that managing your finances is key to a happy and successful life.