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36th Wing Fact Sheets

  • 337 - Passport Requirements

    Ensure your MPF/PSD relocations clerk is aware of your passport requirement. IAW the DoD Foreign Clearance Guide (FCG), Section 2E, paragraph 1 and 2, members (and their dependents) assigned to the 337 ASUF or Military Personnel Exchange Programs must have no-fee passports issued prior to their arrival. The FCG states: Section 2E, para 1 --
  • 337 - Mail

    APO service is available for all military members in Australia with certain limitations. Members geographically assigned in Alice Springs, Canberra, Melbourne, and Sydney will have access to an APO and will receive their mail from an assigned lockbox at their respective APO. All other members will receive their mail through the Australian Defence
  • 337 - Rental Housing Market

    There is no multiple listing service and each rental agency acts independently without much cooperation or shared information. Don't rely on just one agent. Visit several agents and check the local newspapers for private rentals to make sure you get maximum coverage. In general, the agents here do not hustle to get their clients' houses
  • 337 - Employment

    US family members may work in Australia without the need of obtaining a working visa; however, the rules are too complex to summarize in this format. SOFA status family members are ALWAYS considered non-residents for tax purposes, and as such, the non-resident tax rate is 49.2%. Note, this does not apply to family members who are employed by the US
  • 337 - Cost of Living

    Australia is a high cost of living country -- costs seem very similar to the Washington DC area. Clothes, shoes, and paper products (everything from school paper to toilet paper, gift wrap, and diapers) are expensive (Check the current rate exchange for details). Arriving families would be well-advised to stock up on these items. Clothes and shoes
  • 337 - Banking

    Australia is still a largely cash-based society. It is necessary to establish a local savings account, and possibly, a checking account as soon as possible after arrival. It takes an hour or more of paperwork to set up an account--bring passports, orders, verification of address. Each bank manager has some latitude in setting individual account
  • 337 - Appliances

    Electricity in Australia is 230 V, 50 Hz. Appliances in Australia are fitted with an oblique flat bladed plug with ground (inverted V). American lamps can be utilized if an oblique flat bladed plug or adapter is used in conjunction with 220-240V lamps. You will need purchase Australian light bulbs. Otherwise transformers must be used to convert to
  • 337 - Pets

    Importation and quarantine laws are very strict and importation of pets can be extremely expensive. The restrictions are based on the country from which your travel originates and when/how your pet was tested. Pets brought into Australia will be quarantined at your expense; however, you may be eligible for partial or full reimbursement. In general,
  • 337 - Inbound TMO

    TMO Briefing at Departing Base Australia has numerous restrictions and special topics related to your TMO brief. If you get the standard check-mark walk down of the briefing checklist, your counselor has not done an adequate job. Make them pull the specific guidance and read it yourself because there are numerous non standard requirements and
  • 337 - Dental

    FAMILY MEMBER DENTAL CARE International SOS is not involved in dental care for family members. Family members enrolled in United Concordia can see any dentist. You must pay directly for all expenses and submit a claim to your unit TRICARE POC. Claim forms and further information can be obtained on line from the United Concordia website or from your