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36th Wing Fact Sheets

  • 337 - Arrival at Sydney Airport

    To prevent missing your connection from Sydney to Canberra, be sure you schedule at least 3 hours on the ground at Sydney or you stand a good chance of missing your connection into Canberra. Clearing customs at Sydney can take up to 2 hours. Transferring from T1 (Sydney International Airport) to T2 and T3 (Sydney Domestic Airports): Click here to
  • 337 - Out Processing Finance

    You must notify the 337th finance office of your approaching PCS move. Your OHA will need to be stopped in order to prevent overpayment of allowances and incurring a debt. When finance is notified of your move out date you will be placed in a TLA status. You are authorized 10 days departure TLA. If 10 days is not sufficient you must provide
  • 337 - Travel Vouchers

    Keep good records on your trip, as you will need to file a travel voucher (DD 1351-2) when you arrive. The finance personnel at the 337th will assist you. The process for filing a travel voucher starts at the 337th when you submit the voucher and required receipts to our finance representatives. The voucher is then checked and forwarded to Hickam
  • 337 - Canberra School Summary

    Canberra Summary An 'adequate school' means an elementary school (grades K - 8 or equivalent) or secondary school (grades 9 - 12 or equivalent) not requiring mandatory denominational religious instruction and providing an educational curriculum and services reasonably comparable to those normally provided without charge in public schools in the
  • 337 - DOD Policy Letter

    MEMORANDUM FOR: DoD PERSONNEL ASSIGNED TO AUSTRALIA FROM: 337 ASUF/CC SUBJECT: DoD School Policy Letter 1. PURPOSE: This policy letter outlines 337th Air Support Flight (ASUF) policies and procedures used to support the DoD Schools Program in Australia. It provides guidance for all US Active Duty and Civilian Employees. 2. REFERENCES: a) Department
  • 337 - Allowances

    Your PCS entitlements are the same as any other overseas move. DFAS has an excellent website detailing allowances at http://www.dtic.mil  The following allowances are associated with your move and subsequent living expenses in Australia: Dislocation Allowance You will receive a dislocation allowance (DLA) according to your rank and dependency
  • 337 - Temporary Lodging

    TLA starts when you check in at your duty location. Upon arrival you are allowed up to 60 days in TLA while actively searching for a home. When departing Australia you are allowed 10 days in TLA status. While you are in lodging, provide an itemized statement of charges every 10 days to the 337th Finance staff. TLA payments are processed by the
  • 337 - TLA Entitlement

    How much will I receive for Temporary Lodging Allowance (TLA)? Lodging and per diem rates are available at www.dtic.mil/perdiem/index.html under the rates and allowances heading. TLA amounts are based on whether or not your lodging has or does not have cooking facilities. It also considers if you're accompanied or unaccompanied, if accompanied the
  • 337 - Tri-Care Prime

    All personnel and family members are enrolled into TRICARE (Pacific) Prime Remote Program. There are no cost-shares/deductibles for the TRICARE Prime enrollees in Australia. However, the same guidelines for receiving medical treatment (as outlined in the TRICARE Standard Handbook) are followed. TRICARE Points-of-Contact (POC) The table below
  • 337 - Developmental Education

    Personnel assigned to Australia are living and working at geographically separated locations throughout the country. All personnel are highly encouraged to continue pursuing Professional Military Education (PME) programs commensurate with their time in grade and rank. There is absolutely no reason not to continue your PME courses via distance