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36th Wing Fact Sheets

  • 36th Contingency Response Group

    The mission of the 36th Contingency Response Group is to train, organize, equip and lead cross functional forces providing initial Air Force presence potentially austere forward operation location as directed by commander Pacific Air Force. The 36th CRG incorporates more than 30 different jobs into one close-knit team. It is a rapid-deployment unit
  • 337 - Points of Contact

    Please feel free to contact the 337 ASUF at any time with any questions you might have. To email a specific section simply click on the name of the section you would like to email. Section  (Click to Email) Phone DSN 337 ASUF Commander 011-61-2-6214-5880
  • 337 - AUS - U.S. SOFA

    Each member assigned to Australia needs to have a SOFA briefing upon entry into the country. You will be briefed on all aspects of the SOFA by either the Staff Judge Advocate or the Law Office Superintendent. You can view information concerning some of the more common issues/questions that arise by visiting the following links: U.S. - AU SOFA
  • 337 - Importing POV

    Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) personnel entitled to ship a POV must obtain a Vehicle Import Approval from the Australian government prior to shipping their vehicle. The Australian government allows the importation of only one POV. You cannot ship an automobile and a motorcycle in your personal property shipment. A motorcycle in your household
  • 337 - Personnel Claims

    We assist members regardless of their branch of service. Most types of claims are now covered under the Full Replacement Value (FRV) program (see link below). All USAF Personnel claims are now processed through the Air Force Claims Service Center in Dayton OH. They may be contacted via their web page at http://legalassistance.law.af.mil/claims or
  • 337 - Leave/TDY

    All USAF PEP personnel must coordinate all leave and TDY travel. To ensure we maintain proper personnel accountability, adhere to PACOM force protection measures, and record proper credit for TDYs and deployments, please observe the following: Prior to departure, coordinate the following with the 337 ASUF/DP: 1. TDY in Australia - coordinate your
  • 337 - Importing HHG

    QUARANTINE RESTRICTIONS: To prevent the outbreak of diseases and infestation harmful to agriculture, Australia prohibits the importation of many items of plant or animal. Damage or loss resulting from quarantine treatment or seizure, may not be considered shipping damage or loss for claims purposes. Members may be liable for the cost of treatment,
  • 337 - Local Finance

    There are many banks in Australia to choose. Westpac and Commonwealth Banks handle U.S. Embassy official banking in the Canberra area. Generally, banking hours are Monday to Thursday 9:30-4:00 and Fridays 9:30-5:00. Banks are closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays. Most staff members obtain an Electronic Funds Transfer Point of Sale
  • 337 - Orientations/Briefings

    337th Assigned Personnel - all personnel will in process with the 337 ASUF and the US Embassy Human Resource Office. USAF Personnel Exchange Program (PEP) Personnel - All PEPs are required to in-process with the Asia-Pacific Personnel Exchange Regional Office at HQ PACAF/A5IE, Hickam AFB HI en route to Australia to complete indoctrination and
  • 337 - School Information

    Schools start in the first week of February and have 3 breaks of 2-3 weeks during the school year, and finish in early to mid-December. Children begin preschool at age 4 (some pre-schools age 3), kindergarten at 5, and go to primary school for years 1-6. School costs for children under 5 are not reimbursable. High schools cater for years 7-10 (ages