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36th Wing Fact Sheets


    MISSIONTo maintain Pacific Air Force's forward operating location on Diego Garcia in a high state of readiness for immediate use in contingency and combat air operations.Det 1, 36 MSG includes the following flights:Mission Support FlightCommunication FlightLogistics FlightMunitions FlightMission Support Serves as the Air Force liaison for the US
  • 36th Contracting Squadron

    MISSIONTo "Provide swift, responsive contract support for Team Andersen". The squadron is comprised of 47 military and civilian members responsible for providing Andersen Air Force Base with comprehensive acquisition support through the issuance of construction, service, and supply contracts valued in excess of $114 million annually. The 36th
  • 36th Logistics Readiness Squadron

    MISSIONPrepare combat ready Airmen for world wide deployment while providing meticulous contract oversight and first-class logistics support to Team AndersenThe 36 LRS includes the following flights:Fuels Management Readiness Performance Assessment Commanders Support StaffThe 36th Logistics Readiness Squadron provides Team Andersen with the full

      MISSIONTo provide the firepower behind the 36th Wing's Pacific Airpower. The munitions squadron stores, inspects, maintains, and accounts for the largest munitions stockpile in Pacific Air Forces and assembles and delivers these munitions to deployed combat aircraft during wartime or contingency operations. 36 MUNS is responsible for a vast
  • Sexual Assault Prevention and Response

    MISSIONTo reinforce the AF's commitment to eliminate sexual assault through a comprehensive program that provides prevention and awareness education, ensures compassionate and effective response for survivors, and cultivates a base-wide wingman culture that is predicated on mutual respect and trust.The Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SARC)
  • 36th Maintenance Squadron

    MISSIONTo provide safe, reliable aircraft and equipment maintenance capability to enable theatre command operational objectives and exercises, and to rapidly respond when called on in support of contingencies across the globe.VISIONA seamlessly integrated team of professional Airmen leaders delivering world-class, disciplined maintenance; an

    MISSIONIntegrate and employ maintenance professionals to generate and sustain quality aircraft, munitions, and equipment for the 36th Wing in support of Pacific Command and Pacific Air Force taskings, while also enabling the Air Mobility Command mission.VISIONStrive to become a world-class maintenance organization serving as PACAF's most ready
  • 736th Security Forces Squadron

    MISSIONProvide a rapidly deployable integrated defense capability and prepare expeditionary Airmen to deploy worldwide.The 736th Security Forces Squadron includes the following sections:S1 - Personnel 315-366-2189 S3- Contingency Response 315-366-2072 S3 - Commando Warrior 315-362-6012S4 - Logistics 315-366-3425The 736th Security Forces Squadron is
  • 36th Comptroller Squadron

    The 36th Comptroller Squadron is composed of Customer Service for military and travel pay issues, Customer Support for processing issues, Financial Analysis (Budget), and Non-appropriated Funds oversight. As a customer service organization, the customer service office provides pay support to the military members and civilian employees of Andersen.
  • 36th Equal Opportunity

    The Equal Opportunity (E.O.) Program is a function of leadership and command based on fairness, equity, and justice. The DoD Human Goals Proclamation forms the basis for the Air Force Equal Opportunity Program. It stipulates that equal opportunity and equity in civilian employment regardless of race, color, sex, religion, or national origin will be