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36th Wing Fact Sheets

  • 337 - Health Care

    Cautions about Local Pharmacies ("Chemists"). The long arm of the US Food and Drug Administration does not apply here in Australia, or any other nation. Consequently, it is possible to get over-the-counter drugs which contain controlled substances such as codeine. Read the labels -- it's very easy to grab codeine laced aspirins! Military
  • 337 - Performance Reports

    337th Assigned Personnel - OPRs and EPRs are accomplished in accordance with all governing Air Force Instructions. USAF PEPs - One month prior to close out, inputs from the RAAF supervisor and the member are due to the 337 ASUF/CC, who will provide a draft report to PACAF/A5IE. Your rater is either PACAF/A5IE or A5I; your Senior Rater is A5A8.
  • 337 - Uniform Requirements

    337th Assigned Personnel - normal daily work attire is civilian clothes. However, there are occasions when uniforms are required, therefore you will possess and maintain proper uniforms. USAF PEPs - The daily uniform requirement is dictated by your duty assignment and location. Most exchange officers working as staff officers are required to wear
  • 337 ASU - Housing - Rental Housing

    RENTAL HOUSINGThere are no multiple listing services in Australia. Subsequently, each rental agency acts independently without much cooperation or shared information between them. Obviously this means that while you are searching for your new home don't rely on just one agent. Visit several agents and check the local newspapers for private rentals
  • 337 ASF - Career Development

    CAREER DEVELOPMENTPersonnel assigned to Australia are living and working at geographically separated locations throughout the country. There is absolutely no reason not to continue with civilian or military PME courses via distance learning. All personnel assigned in country are highly encouraged to continue pursuing USAF PME programs commensurate
  • 337 ASF - Uniform Requirements

    UNIFORM REQUIREMENTS337th Assigned Personnel - if you are assigned to the 337th ASUF your normal daily work attire will be civilian clothes. However, there will be occasions where you will be required to wear a uniform. You are still required to bring all uniforms and mandatory accouterments. All Other Assigned Personnel - the daily uniform
  • 337 ASF - Travel

    TRAVEL337th Assigned Personnel - TDY and Travel requirements are the same as those at any other Stateside or Overseas base. Exchange Officers - TDY and Travel requirements are accomplished in accordance with applicable RAAF regulations and directives. Per Diem and expenses are paid by the RAAF when performing in the capacity of an exchange officer.
  • 337 ASF - Performance Reports

    PERFORMANCE REPORTS337th Assigned Personnel - OPRs and EPRs are accomplished in accordance with all governing Air Force Instructions. Exchange Officers - inputs are made by the RAAF and the member to the Asia/Pacific Personnel Exchange Manager, HQ PACAF/XPZE, who is the rater for all exchange officers.
  • 337 ASF Leave

    LEAVEMEMORANDUM FOR 337 ASUF PERSONNEL USAF PERSONNEL EXCHANGE PROGRAM (PEP) PERSONNEL FROM: 337 ASUF/CC SUBJECT: Leave Policy Letter 1. PURPOSE. This policy letter establishes LEAVE policy and procedures to assure accountability for USAF Exchange Officers and USAF Professional Military Education (PME) Students serving in Australia, as well as
  • 337 ASF - Orientations/Briefings

    337th Assigned Personnel - all personnel will arrive in Canberra and in process with the 337 ASUF and the US Embassy Human Resource Office Exchange Officers - Please refer to AFI 16-607, International Personnel Exchange Program (PEP) for policy guidance between the USAF and foreign forces AFI 16-107 PEP Program. All exchange officers are required