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World Class Airmen ready to "Fight Tonight"


Project Combat Power anywhere in the Indo-Pacific Region and around the Globe


Recapitalize Ops Infrastructure:

Establish premiere facilities capable of supporting and executing

5th-Generation operations for daily training, alert and contingency environments.

Establish Joint All-Domain Command and Control in the Wing Operations Center:

Expand capabilities and leverage new technologies for mission

synchronization, continuity, and rapid and delegated decision making. 

Modernize Northwest Field Airfield:

Develop NWF to execute current and future contingency requirements.

Enhance Range/Airspace:

Enable and develop high-end training range capabilities on

Guam and the Marianas Island Range Complex (MIRC).



Identify all operational requirements Provide 24/7 support to theater operations Ensure Airmen have the tools and support to succeed.

Forecasting the Fight

Forecasting the Fight



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Col. Mark Wass

Lt. Col. Keith O'Halloran
Deputy Commander

CMSgt. Brian Smith

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DSN: 366-3664
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Email: june_kate.lariosa@us.af.mil 


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What an exciting weather morning we had! The video below shows the thunderstorm outbreak that began right at sunrise. The forecast calls for continued unsettled weather with scattered showers and isolated thunderstorms through Saturday.
Hafa Adai, Team Andersen! Our weather radar is picking up very isolated, light rainshowers at this time off the coast of Guam. Partly to mostly cloudy skies will prevail throughout the afternoon during the base picnic. Our Mother's Day forecast is also looking bright and sunny so get out enjoy this beautiful weather.
“Stratus” update. Our forecast calls for scattered rainshowers tomorrow beginning during your morning commute and lasting through the night before clearing up again mid-morning Saturday. We’re keeping an eye out for a stray thunderstorm too as we experience a surge in moisture throughout the atmosphere tomorrow.
Rainshowers incoming! We should receive a good downpour tonight and more showers tomorrow as a tropical disturbance passes south of us. Slippery roads tonight and tomorrow... drive safe! Rip currents are also beginning to trend towards high risk levels.
Your Andersen Weather Team provided Weather to Prevail during COPE NORTH 18. Check out our tactical weather station we deployed to Tinian in support of the humanitarian assistance exercise at the 2:00 minute mark in the awesome video below!
Weather to Prevail!
Well team, it looks like Tropical Depression Two is staying true to its original forecast track. Don't you like that? We do! The latest forecast keeps this cyclone well to our south, but keep in mind that a high surf advisory is in effect here until 6pm Sunday evening. Be smart out there this weekend!
A Tropical Cyclone Formation Alert has been issued for an area of circulation taking shape approximately 500 nautical miles southeast of Andersen. Take a gander at the weather satellite imagery along with the initial forecast track. At this time, we're forecasting for winds to increase over the next 24 hours to a maximum sustained speed of 20 knots with gusts up to 30 knots and isolated showers to become scattered showers as this system progresses westward through the weekend. Stay tuned for updates!
Team Andersen, it is National Weatherperson's Day! On this day we celebrate the achievements our nation has made in the field of meteorology and the people, like your very own Andersen weather team, that deliver the best weather forecasts around the clock 365 days a year. We are dedicated to keeping you safe and providing Weather to Prevail! Come over to the weather station today and get to know your local weathermen over a free cup of joe.
Hafa Adai! Micronesia is looking predominantly stable throughout the week however a midlatitude system was nice enough modify a notable high pressure over our region. Look for some additional moisture characteristics in the region capable of producing scattered clouds and intermittent light non-impactful showers throughout the day. Seas relatively benign as winds continue to dampen over the region as well.
Good morning, Team Andersen! National Weather Service has issued a High Surf Advisory extending from now until 0600 on Saturday, January 06th. This advisory includes large north swells, producing hazardous surf and a high risk of rip currents along north facing reefs. The surf will be hazardous at 7-9ft, and may rise to 10ft at times. Avoid venturing near reef lines and exposed beaches, where rip currents will be most threatening. Remember to always bring a buddy and a flotation device!
Hafa adai, everyone! We're expecting a slight change to our lovely weather pattern over the next few days... a shear line will be drifting southward over Andersen tomorrow afternoon. Expect increased cloud cover and a slight dip in maximum temperatures through Sunday while this system slowly moves across Guam.
Oh the weather outside is... delightful!
Team Andersen (especially the children), we just gave Santa his flight weather brief... Christmas is a 'go'! We expect a few showers (rain not snow!) late tonight and early morning, but the majority of the day tomorrow will be dominated by sunshine! It looks like high pressure will continue to prevail through most of the week too. Magof Nochebuena!
Happy winter solstice, Team Andersen! Time flies when you're having fun, especially on the shortest day of the year! Your Christmas forecast is coming soon... we can't promise snow, but we may have plenty of sunshine!
Good morning, Team Andersen! Our forecasters are hard at work supporting Operation Christmas Drop. Santa, in his C-130s, has been able to exploit the beautiful weather in our region to deliver supplies to residents of many islands like Losap, Oneop, Ifalik, and Pulawatt. Andersen's forecast is also looking bright through the end of the week as we remain in a relatively calm weather pattern.
Hafa Adai! Team Andersen this weekend should prove to be warm and wet with a resurgence of the tropical convergence belt over the next 4 days. Tropical showers in the early AM hours on Saturday increasing in frequency through Sunday. Monday will cap off the effects of a developing Tropical Depression to our west as we see light rain (0.35") and cloud cover throughout the day. Winds will be a factor for remainder of the week from the SE at 15-20KTS. To our hikers this weekend stay prepared. Trails will remain wet with some more frequent tropical showers but there will also be clearing and plenty of sunshine mixed in making for tough, slippery, and humid hikes. Bring plenty of water and appropriate attire to keep yourselves protected from exposure Happy Holidays SSgt Anderson
We have officially reached 600 followers! That's one small step for man, one giant leap for weathermankind. Now we want your feedback! Tell us what you want to see more or less of on this page. Feel free to comment below, send a message, or fill out a customer survey at the website listed below. Our goal is to provide you with Weather to Prevail!
Good afternoon, Team Andersen! There's plenty of sunshine in the forecast this weekend. Our weather satellites are showing plenty of high pressure and dry air upstream of Guam. We're keeping the typical, isolated rainshowers in the forecast but expecting plenty of sunshine to enjoy the majority of the weekend.
What's better than a full moon on Halloween? Your Andersen Weather team doing their best waxing gibbous impression. Like our faces, you'll only see about a 79% moon illumination in tonight's sky! Not too bright, and will be perfectly complemented by partly cloudy skies. Be safe, and feel free to send us your best waxing gibbous impression! Happy Halloween, Andersen!