Andersen Commander Inspection Program information

36th Wing Inspections mission statement:

To provide a comprehensive inspection and readiness program for the 36th Wing by continuously validating the self-assessment program through the Management Internal Control Toolset (MICT) as well as planning and executing realistic and relevant exercises in order to assess, enhance and report the 36th Wing's readiness, economy, efficiency, effectiveness and state of discipline to execute its mission.


Guidelines/Submission Criteria

The watercooler is used to provide Team Andersen information on upcoming events and important announcements that needs to be spread to a vast audience. To submit a slide, please use the following template and email it to Slides need to be 7.1 inches (680 pixels) wide and 4.01 inches (385 pixels) long, which is what the template is set to. When submitting a slide, ensure it follows the size requirements or risk it being kicked back. The watercooler is kept to between 10 to 15 slides. If you have any additional documents you would like to include in your message, please include it in your message. Posted slides are restricted to nonrevenue generating activities and programs.

When submitting a slide, please be aware of our priority system:
Priority 1: Emergency messages requiring immediate dissemination
Priority 2: Mission or urgent messages
Priority 3: Normal day-to-day mission related messages
Priority 4: Non-mission critical messages