Air Force Flyover Request

The Community Engagement office helps facilitate flyovers and static display requests; however, the process does not start at Andersen Air Force Base. To start a flyover request, a DD Form 2535 must be completed and emailed to and Public Affairs will submit request for approval from the Air Force Aerial Events office at the Pentagon. Andersen AFB can only consider the request after it has approval from the Pentagon.

Flyovers are considered for aviation-related events and patriotic observances held in conjunction with Armed Forces Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, POW/MIA Day, or Veterans Day (event must be within seven days of the actual holiday dates to be considered). There are some exceptions to policies; those not meeting the criteria can possibly be approved one-time only as an Exception-to-Policy event, provided there is sufficient rationale for support.

Coordination with the FAA is required for completion of the DD Form 2535. For the Pacific area FAA representative please call (808) 837-8300. The flyover request process can take approximately 60 days to complete. Please plan to start this process 90-120 days prior to date of the event.