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Community Engagement


Andersen Air Force Base's community engagement programs are designed to enhance morale, public trust, support and demonstrate that the Air Force is a community partner and a responsible steward of natural resources. We hope to increase public awareness and understanding of the Air Force's mission. Our goal is to foster positive relations and maintain a reputation as a good neighbor as well as a respected, professional organization charged with responsibility for national security.

Community News

All services including Department of the Air Force to furnish adverse information to officer promotion boards in designated grades, circumstances


The Department of the Air Force announced it is establishing policy to comply with the National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal year 2020 and newly released DoDI 1320.14 requiring all services to furnish adverse information to promotion boards considering officers for promotion to the regular grades of O-4 and above, and to all reserve active status promotion boards to the grades of O-6 and above.

In addition, as prescribed by the Department of Defense, adverse information that received significant media attention or is of interest to the Senate Armed Services Committee must be presented to promotion selection, special selection, and federal recognition boards for promotion to the grades of regular O-3 and reserve O-3 through O-5.

The new law, DoD policy, and subsequent Air Force policy require all adverse information to be filed in the officer’s master personnel records group and Officer’s Selection Record for consideration by both regular and reserve promotion selection, special selection, federal recognition, and selective continuation boards to the grade of O-4 and above, to include promotion processes to the grade of O-3 that involve adverse information that received significant media attention or is of interest to the Senate Armed Services Committee.

The Department of the Air Force will apply the changes to all regular and reserve selection and federal recognition boards and processes convening on or after March 1, 2021.

“As we, in the Department of the Air Force, work to comply with the new law and DoD policy, we must ensure we are promoting leaders of character and competence,” said Lt. Gen. Brian T. Kelly, deputy chief of staff for manpower, personnel and services. “This additional mechanism in the promotion process will promote transparency and accountability for everyone, especially those we entrust with leading our Airmen and Guardians.”

The new policy is applicable to all officers serving in the regular Air Force, the Air Force Reserve, the Air National Guard and all components of the U.S. Space Force.

Any adverse information issued to officers will be provided to applicable selection boards. Furthermore, select historic adverse information previously issued on or after Jan. 1, 2012 will now be filed in an officer’s selection record. Company grade officer and field grade officer adverse disposition varies. In addition, subject to retention rules, “extraordinarily adverse,” Article 15s, and approved court martial findings dating prior to Jan. 1, 2012 will also be filed in an officer’s selection record for both field grade and company grade officers. Officers are not required to furnish historic adverse information on themselves. Required historic adverse information will be furnished by the Department of the Air Force Inspector General to the Air Force Personnel Center and the Air Reserve Personnel Center.

Previously, the services were only required to furnish adverse information to boards considering officers for promotion or federal recognition to the grades of O-7 and above.

Adverse information for this purpose includes, but is not limited to:
1. Any substantiated adverse findings or conclusions from an officially documented investigation or inquiry, regardless of whether command action was taken as a result.
2. Approved court-martial findings of guilt (Court-martial Orders).
3. Non-judicial punishment pursuant to Article 15, Uniform Code of Military Justice.
4. Letters of Reprimand.
5. Letters of Admonishment.
6. Notices of Relief of Command (for cause).
7. Letters of Counseling related to a substantiated adverse finding or conclusion from an officially documented investigation or inquiry.

Wing commanders and other issuing authorities can no longer exercise discretion to place adverse information in or direct the removal of adverse information from the officer’s selection record.

“We anticipate concerns on behalf of our officers and commanders regarding the impact these changes might have on promotion opportunity,” Kelly said. “We often hear about it being a one-mistake Air Force which really has not been true. The reality is our selection boards and the Senate have consistently shown the ability to objectively review adverse information and when appropriate, recommend and confirm officers for promotion provided the incident is indicative of a mistake and not a character flaw and the totality of the record shows high performance levels. We expect this to continue.”

Kelly also noted, “This change increases our accountability and demands we hold ourselves to a higher standard. The resulting transparency and associated accountability will ultimately improve our development and make us a stronger force.”

Members should always review their records in the Personnel Records Display Application to ensure the accuracy of their records prior to meeting selection boards.

Flyover Requests

The Community Engagement office helps facilitate flyovers and static display requests; however, the process does not start at Andersen Air Force Base. To start a flyover request, a DD Form 2535 must be submitted online at http://www.airshows.pa.hq.af.mil/ and approval must be received from the Air Force Aerial Events office at the Pentagon. Andersen AFB can only consider the request after it has approval from the Pentagon.

Flyovers are considered for aviation-related events and patriotic observances held in conjunction with Armed Forces Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, POW/MIA Day, or Veterans Day (event must be within seven days of the actual holiday dates to be considered). There are some exceptions to policies; those not meeting the criteria can possibly be approved one-time only as an Exception-to-Policy event, provided there is sufficient rationale for support.

Coordination with the Federal Aviation Administration is required for completion of the DD Form 2535. To reach the Pacific area FAA representative, please call (808) 837-8300. The flyover request process can take approximately 60 days to complete. Please plan to start this process 90-120 days prior to date of the event.

Base tours

The 36th Wing offers organized group tours to educate people about the U.S. Air Force, Andersen Air Force Base and its missions. While we try to accommodate specific requests to visit a particular unit or learn about a specific mission, please understand that our mission must come first. Tours are only provided to organized groups such as civic organizations, schools, businesses, and reunion groups. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate individuals or non-organized groups. Certain conditions and restrictions apply to all base tours. Tour groups must meet the following requirements:

Tours are limited to a minimum of 20 participants and a maximum of 45 (or the passenger capability of one commercial bus).

Organizations must provide their own transportation. Tours are limited to one bus. Requests to use multiple vehicles cannot be accommodated.

Tours are only offered on weekdays. Tours will not exceed five hours to include a lunch break, if requested.

Meal options on base is limited and only granted upon approval of the Base Commander. The Magellan Dining Inn is a dining option only for ROTC and JROTC detachments.

Modified tours may be granted to those with limited mobility; however, this must be stated on the request form. If not stated, it is assumed that walking and stair climbing is not an issue. 

Base Access:
Any group members over the age of 18 will have to provide personal information, such as driver's license number, date of birth, and social security number, for an Entry Access List, which is required for base access.

To request a base tour, a "Tour Request Form" must be completed and e-mailed to 36WG.PA.COMREL@us.af.mil no later than 3 weeks from event date. If your organization has any questions, please contact our Community Engagement office at (671) 366-4202/2228.


36th Wing

Phone: 671-366-2228

Bldg. 21001 Kenney Avenue
Andersen Air Force Base, Guam

Mailing Address:
Andersen AFB, 36 WG/PA COMREL
Unit 14003, APO AP 96543-4003
Email: 36wg.pa2@us.af.mil

Customer Service Hours:
Monday to Friday
9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

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Community Support

If you would like to request support from Andersen AFB for an upcoming event, go to the following linked information on how and where to make that request:

Speaking Engagements
Flyover Request
Andersen Honor Guard

For activities not included on the list, contact the Community Engagement section one month prior to the event. Provide the basic information for the event (who, what, when, where, purpose of event). It is our policy to support as many requests as possible, but we are not always able to accommodate every request received.

For more information on the Community Engagement program, check out AFI 35-105, Community Relations.

Our goal is to foster positive relations with the surrounding communities. Participation in community events by Air Force personnel is desirable and highly encouraged; however, limitations of time, money and mission requirements may make it impossible to grant all requests.