Andersen Air Force Base (AAFB), Guam


MISSION STATEMENT: Our mission here at the 36th Wing is to project Airpower, expand combat capability and strengthen partnerships from the Forward Edge of the Indo-Pacific.

VISION: Our vision is leading lethal ready teams, delivering constant pressure and sovereign options and shaping the future of great power competition.

PRIORITIES: The commanders priorities are as follows: Design and develop multi-capable Airmen, operationalize the base, cultivate regional and local partnerships and advance quality of life and quality of service.


MAJCOM/LOCATION/SIZE: Pacific Air Forces (PACAF) Main Operating Base and Forward Operating Location (FOL) consisting of 14,600 acres. Located 4 miles northeast of the village of Yigo in Guam, which is an unincorporated territory of the United States, approximately 13˚ North, 144˚ West; or about 3900 miles southwest of Honolulu, HI. AAFB is a Navy-supported joint base installation within Joint Region Marianas (JRM) along with other non-contiguous bases including Naval Base Guam, 21 miles away at the southern end of the island and Marine Corps Base Camp Blaz, 5 miles away

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