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Arrive alive, don't drink and drive, you could be dead, call AADD instead!

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Adarius Petty
  • 36th Wing Public Affairs
It's not abnormal for people older than 21 years of age to unwind after a week of working by enjoying adult beverages, but it's imperative for them to have a plan to get home safely.

If all plans fall through, there is still hope to get home without the risks of driving under the influence by calling the Airmen Against Drunk Driving program at 366-RIDE (7433).

The main objective of AADD is to prevent deaths, injuries and illegal actions that can result from DUIs by sending volunteers to pick people up from where they are and take them home.

Normally, the AADD hotline is open from 11 p.m. to 3:30 a.m. every Friday and Saturday. Butfor the four-day Labor Day weekend, the hours will be expanded to include Sunday as well. The hotline is open to anyone who holds a valid military identification card, including retirees and family members.

"AADD is a program for Airmen to use when their plan does not work and they need a ride home," said Staff Sgt. Matthew Powell, 36th Wing Staff Agency AADD coordinator. "Airmen should use AADD because it could save their life and others around them. Getting a DUI could also end your military career."

Powell said so far this year, approximately 250 lives have been saved, but that wouldn't be possible without the more than 50 Airmen from various squadrons on base who have volunteered as AADD representatives. These Airmen are charged with the responsibility of finding and training volunteers to man each shift.

"Safety is a great concern over this Labor Day Weekend, and as our nation pays tribute to American workers, we thank all Airmen for your dedicated service and hard work every day of the year," said, Lt Col. Glenn Rineheart, 36th Wing Chief of Safety. "While many of you enjoy a well earned break to celebrate the last holiday of the summer season we urge you to drink responsibly, have a plan and have a good wingman. If your plans fall through, then call AADD."

For more information about AADD, visit the Andersen Air Force Base SharePoint site and click on "Community Sites." To volunteer as a driver for AADD, e-mail Andersen.AADD@Andersen.af.mil.

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