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Andersen housing demolition project begins

  • Published
  • By 36th Civil Engineering Squadron Housing Flight
The 36 Civil Engineering Squadron is beginning a 164-unit housing demolition project in the next few weeks. During demolition, contractors will be driving their trucks for disposal of debrism through the following two routes:

1. From the front gate to Marianas Drive, Polynesian Drive, Papaya Drive and out the back gate.
2. From the front gate to Polynesian Drive, into the streets of the demolition site, out to Polynesian Drive, then to Marianas Drive and out the back gate.

According to the contractor, there will be no road closure while the debris disposal routes are in use and a flagman will be assigned to stop and allow vehicles to pass. Base members will see signs posted along the road to inform residents of demolition activities, and dust will be controlled by spraying water.

This is the first phase of a demolition project which will open green space for future new base housing construction.

For questions regarding the demolition project, contact 2nd Lt Omar Cervantes at 366-5513.