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MyEDP-New Web Portal to help enlisted career development

  • Published
  • By the Career Assistant Advisor
  • 36th Mission Support Squadron
Enlisted Airmen have a new development Web site portal designed to meet all of their career development needs, allowing them to navigate different aspects of their time in service from their desktop computers. It is a new tool that has been added to the portal as a one stop shop for enlisted information on : education, CEFTP requirements, CDC's, mentoring tools, assignment information, PME information and everything to prepare an Enlisted member for a successful career. One of the goals of MyEDP is to combine data from multiple sources to provide Airmen a complete view of all their data and information.

My Enlisted Development Plan, or MyEDP, is designed as the Air Force's cradle-to-grave enlisted developmental tool. From their first day of duty to their last, enlisted Airmen will enjoy features of the site designed to provide standardization in every aspect of their career progression.

MyEDP provides Airmen a single entry point through the Air Force Portal and is a major force development technology step for our enlisted force. From Community College of the Air Force to on-the-job training to leadership development, our Airmen won't have to worry about 'which system' anymore. They'll have one Air Force learning environment with one look and feel at their fingertips.

MyEDP also provides Airmen critical career field and grade-specific information managed directly by each career field manager. It also provides commanders a view of key Airman knowledge, skills and abilities, empowering them to effectively mentor and coach Airmen under their command.

MyEDP is targeted for every Airman at every developmental milestone, and allows each Airman to look at their current developmental progress and provides insight into future requirements for each stage of their career.

Airmen will be able to determine at what point in their careers they may take on special duty assignments, such as recruiter, military training instructor, professional military education instructor, technical training instructor or first sergeant.

Currently there are over 16,000 Airmen signed up on MyEDP, the goal of the Air Force is for every enlisted member to utilize this great career tool. To access MyEDP, log on to the Air Force Portal, click on Life & Career and click on Force Development and Learning then click on Enlisted.

Take control of your future! Please contact or visit your Team Andersen's Career Assistance Advisor, Master Sgt. Isaura Walker at 366-7829 in building 21006, the Professional Development Center across the street from the post office. Visit CAA website on the intranet! https://intranet/career/

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