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Tops In Blue 2008 needs musicians, technicians, drivers

  • Published
If you play the trumpet, trombone, saxophone, or guitar you could be the person Tops In Blue is searching for through out the Air Force. If you have technical skills or can drive a truck, you have an opportunity to become a member of the Air Force's premier expeditionary entertainment group, Tops In Blue.

"Our 2008 team is made up of some of the most talented members we have had join us in many years," said Jeri White, production manager for Air Force Entertainment. However, there are still positions open for a guitar player, trumpet players, trombonists, and sax players. "We're looking to fill a complete band," said Ms. White. "Applicants don't have to have professional training to qualify. They can be self-taught. All they need is talent, a strong work ethic and the desire to improve during the touring season."

Tops In Blue 2008 is also looking for technicians and drivers. Technicians will get the opportunity to work with audio, video, lighting, and staging equipment that is on the cutting edge of technology. Vehicle operators are needed to drive the custom Tops In Blue motor coach and tractor-trailer truck throughout the United States during the tour.

"We're excited about our upcoming tour called 'Deja Blue,' which will celebrate 55 years of Air Force Entertainment and Tops In Blue," said Ms. White. "We just need a few more people to fill up the bus. Musicians, technicians and drivers will make the team complete."

The 2008 tour will kick off on Feb. 2 and will consist of approximately 125 shows. Tops In Blue will perform in Europe, PACAF and at numerous stateside bases. They will also travel to the AOR to entertain troops in various combat areas. Interested applicants can call Air Force Entertainment at (210) 652-6566 or go to for more information.

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