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Addressing challenges with our summer surge deployment

  • Published
  • By Ralph Ridgeway
  • 36th Services Squadron
The mission of the 36th Wing is to provide a US-based lethal warfighting platform for the employment, deployment, reception and throughput of air and space forces in the Asia-Pacific region.

We all have heard this at least once as we in-processed the base, but within our daily lives we often lose sight of the big picture. As the summer is now upon us and our base ramps up operations to support incoming deployers we will need to truly take note of why we are here and allow our perspective on the deployment buildup to be mission-minded.

Many of you are aware that to support the surge of deployers it is necessary to convert some of vacant Military Family Housing units into temporary lodging units. One hundred, un-renovated, houses have been allocated for this purpose. During the next few weeks you will see deployed personnel throughout MFH. Leadership is aware of the concerns many families may have about having deployed personnel co-located with permanent party families. Please be assured that all deployed personnel will be required to follow all established base rules, instructions and regulations. However, it is important to note that just as with permanent party MFH residents, deployers will be allowed to have BBQs, lawn parties, etc. as long as they abide by the same guidance we all currently live by today.

Additionally, there will be an increase of personnel using base facilities such as the Base Exchange, Commissary, Fitness Center, and Library.

The influx of deployed personnel may seem to some to be an inconvenience to normal way of life on Andersen, but we must remember without them we would have no mission and no reason for being on the wonderful island of Guam.