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Survey to assess Andersen quality of life

  • Published
  • By Airman Whitney Tucker
  • 36th Wing Public Affairs
In an Air Force with more than 350,000 active-duty members alone, it may seem the opinions of one person are inconsequential. However, in an ongoing attempt to improve well-being, leadership has implemented a solution.

The Integrated Delivery System Working Group is sponsoring the 2011 Community Assessment Survey from January through March this year.

Approximately 160,000 active duty members, 40,000 reservists, 160,000 spouses of active duty members and 10,000 spouses of reservists will be randomly selected to participate in the survey. All appropriated fund civilians will also be asked to participate.

A notification letter including a link to the Web-based survey will be sent out to the work e-mail address of each servicemember selected to participate. Spouses will be sent a postcard in the mail with the Web link. Everyone selected is encouraged to participate to aid in the success of the project.

"At some point everybody wants to see some change," said Lori Naputi, Family Advocacy Education Services facilitator. "This is an opportunity for participants to respond openly and honestly about things they may have been hesitant to in the past."

Topics covered in the survey include personal and family adjustment, individual and family adaptation, community well-being, deployment, resiliency, post-traumatic stress and help-seeking stigma.

"Results of the last survey focused our key support agencies actions on making Andersen a better place to live, work and play," said Lt. Col. Brian Hinsvark, 36th Force Support Squadron commander. "This includes a myriad of Chapel, medical, legal, wing staff and force support programs. The community comments collected directly impacted critical base programs."

The 2011 Community Assessment Survey provides Team Andersen members a unique opportunity to improve the Air Force community in their corner of the world.

"This is something leadership takes seriously," Mrs. Naputi said. "They ask so many people to complete the survey so that issues that affect a large group can be addressed quickly."

Data collected from the survey will be analyzed and briefed to wing and Air Force leaders. The information will help make community-wide program planning and resource allocation decisions, which ultimately enhance the quality of life, readiness and retention of Air Force personnel.

"As dedicated community stewards, key support agencies on the base look forward to receiving feedback and collaborating with you to determine where we can best use our resources to benefit in both quality of life, and individual support actions," Colonel Hinsvark said. "Feedback is not just encouraged, it is essential."

For additional information or questions on the Community Assessment Survey, visit afcasurvey@icfi.com, or call their toll-free number: 1-855-506-0098.