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Active-duty medical clearance process changes now in effect

  • Published
  • By 36th Wing Medical Group
  • 36th Wing Medical Group
The Air Force Medical Service (AFMS) Base Operational Medical Clinic (BOMC) initiative announced a change in the process by which the Active Duty Service Member (ADSM) will request a medical clearance review for the following:


• Retraining and reclassification

• Commissioning

• Initial Flying Class physicals

• Special duty and developmental special duty

• Overseas permanent change of station (PCS) and Continental United States (CONUS) PCS requiring an AF Form 422

• Palace Chase and Palace Front

• Professional military education requiring an AF Form 422


In the past, the ADSM would report in person to the MTF and request a medical clearance review. An appointment would be scheduled and the ADSM could be provided documents to complete in advance of the appointment.




Effective Oct. 16, 2017, the ADSM will request a medical clearance review for the above actions using My Individual Medical Readiness (MyIMR) ( This will enable a more streamlined process for both the member and the BOMC staff. The new module allows Airmen to request a medical review, send supporting documentation to the Base Operational Medical Clinic organizational inbox and check the status of reviews. The intent is to create a process that is seamless to Airmen and has a central point of communication.



  • Most medical clearances take approximately 10 duty days to complete.

  • PCS clearances are processed no earlier than 120 days from RNLTD.

  • Medical clearances may be delayed if the ADSM has ongoing medical care, is seen off base by a specialist, or requires a medical waiver.

The 36th Medical Group is dedicated to providing you uncompromised care during the implementation of this new process. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at 366-3231. Thank you for choosing us as your Air Force Medical Home!