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Andersen kicks off new First Term Airmen’s Course

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Cierra Presentado
  • 36th Wing Public Affairs
The Air Force recently revamped what is now known as the First Term Airmen’s Course that will focus on career development. This week, the Professional Development Center will transition from FTAC into the new course curriculum.

Previously, Airmen who just completed Technical School attended FTAC immediately upon arrival at their new installation. The course was between one to two weeks long and allowed Airmen to in-process the base, as well as attend various briefings from finance, medical and other organizations. Recently, Headquarters Air Force Manpower, Services and Personnel, the Air Force Personnel Center, as well as the Profession of Arms Center of Excellence, came together to revamp the program switching the focus from in-processing to standard curriculum.

The new course will be known as Airmanship 300. The lessons that will be introduced are the next step of professional development in an enlisted Airman’s developmental path. The courses prior to Airmanship 300 are Airmanship 200 and 100 which were taught in technical training and basic training.

“I'm thrilled to be a part of the new FTAC curriculum,” said Master Sgt. Amy Bond, 36th Wing career assistance advisor. “The lessons in Airmanship 300 inspire real discussions and instead of talking to Airmen we are talking with Airmen. The goal of the course is not for Airmen to regurgitate information or give Air Force answers but to be better versions of themselves. Topics center on what it means to be a professional and are designed so that Airmen understand how their daily thinking and decision making has an overall effect on themselves, others and ultimately the mission.”

The curriculum will include modules from the Enhancing Human Capital course that many senior Air Force leaders are currently attending. The modules include discussions about trust, loyalty and commitment as well as team-building exercises.

“We need to focus on the next generation of enlisted leaders,” said Chief Master Sgt. of the Air Force Kaleth O. Wright. “This starts in basic training, but has to be deliberate and continuous throughout an Airman’s career. These courses are the next step in the evolution of professional development for our enlisted force.”

Joint Base San Antonio, Texas, was the first base to kick-start the new curriculum. Andersen AFB, as well as other bases worldwide, will start the course this month.

“I’m excited for the new FTAC,” said Airman Audra Young, 36th Wing Public Affairs broadcast journalist. “I just arrived here and I am eager to learn more about the Air Force and meet new people. I know FTAC will give me those opportunities.”

The new curriculum taught during the 13-hour course will adhere to the Chief of Staff of the Air Force and Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force’s visions of creating an environment to further develop Warrior Ethos by building on previous training providing the foundation for a mission mindset for first-term Airmen.