What is AFSA?

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Cindy Wilds
  • 36th Medical Operations Squadron
The Air Force Sergeants Association is a federally chartered non-profit organization representing

The professional and personal interests of more than 116,000 active duty, reserve,

National Guard, retired, and veteran enlisted members of the U.S. Air Force and their families. From first term Airmen to senior enlisted members, AFSA represents all enlisted grades.

AFSA was founded on May 3, 1961 and has evolved into a highly respected

Organization sought out by Congressional members and Department of Defense officials. The organization is a leading force on Capitol Hill and works closely with elected representatives and their staff members to assist in drafting proposals for legislation on issues relating to military members and their families.

AFSA works closely with White House staff personnel and Pentagon officials to ensure that enlisted members' concerns are heard and acted upon.

So what has AFSA done for you? How about this; initially designing the Weighted Airmen Promotion System (WAPS), creating the Survivor Benefit Plan, helping to increase military pay and housing allowances, obtaining family separation allowances for military-married-to-military couples and improving dormitories and housing units.

The organizations was instrumental in the increase of moving allowances and push to increase GI bill stipends allowing veterans the choice to transfer unused educational benefits to their spouse and children. AFSA fought to increase Veterans Affairs health care funding and worked for increases in the death gratuity and has pushed for a seamless transition from military to veteran status.

How about if you are in the ANG or AFRC? Yes, AFSA still works for you. The organization fought to increase the maximum number of retirement points that could be accrued annually for reservists from 70 to 90 points, AFSA also fought for ANG members to have authorization to use the commissary year-round.

The organization also fought for benefits of retired members. They garnered TRICARE for Life and the National Mail Order Pharmacy program. They also prevented the loss of commissary privileges for retirees.

In addition to a strong, united voice on Capitol Hill, AFSA members have many other benefits available to them such as; affordable health, life, and auto insurance plans, low interest rate credit cards, discounts on family eyewear and discounted travel and hotel rates.

AFSA maintains a vigilant presence on Capitol Hill, promotes enlisted concerns to enhance quality of life, and helps preserve the entitlements we have earned through our service and sacrifice. AFSA is a partner in enlisted members' careers and lives. Help protect your future. Become a member of your Air Force Sergeants Association.

Andersen Air Force Base, Chapter 1560, meets at noon the third Friday of each month at the Top of the Rock. Come join a great organization, get a free lunch and walk away knowing more about your benefits. We hope to see you at our next meeting.