Andersen Medical Home - Enhancing Family Health at Andersen Clinic

  • Published
  • By Capt. Damian Pardue
  • 36th Medical Group group practice manager
Over the last three years, the Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) has been gradually implemented at bases and civilian institutions across the globe and 2011 signals the launch of the program at Andersen AFB. The Family Health Initiative (FHI) will offer a few positive changes for active duty members, dependents and medical staff as we continue into the year.

Understanding these changes and what the FHI means to you as a patient is an important part of ensuring the best medical care.

This improvement in the way healthcare is delivered has received rave reviews everywhere it's been implemented. Not only will you have a healthcare team dedicated to your health, but the goal is to have your entire family assigned to the same team. Each of the teams in the Family Health Clinics will be provider-led and designed so each team can manage the primary health care of the entire family. Every effort will be made to have all members of the same family seen by the same Family Health Team. This will improve evidence-based care, focus on prevention, increase access to medical appointments, decrease wait times and improve specialty care access.

PCMH will give you the opportunity to know the members of your healthcare team and allow your team to know the healthcare history and needs of you and your family. With a few exceptions, you will be seen by your team each time you need an appointment for care. This will also give you the ability to work with your team to manage the healthcare for yourself and family. Team-based care makes you an actual part of the team and a partner in your healthcare plan. Your opinions and unique healthcare needs are important to the entire team. Your participation in meeting those needs will be essential to ensuring you and your family receive exceptional care.

Healthcare staff associated with the Andersen Clinic will form two dedicated Family Health Care teams for dependents. Families will be assigned as a family unit to one of these two teams. Information about reassignment possibilities will be provided at the TRICARE office.

As Andersen Family Health Services moves towards adopting team-based care this fall, we know your satisfaction will be the key to the success of the program. Medical care should not be difficult or confusing. Team-based care will make it easier for you and your family to stay healthy.

Benefits of Team Based Care:

· Improved partnership with your dedicated healthcare team
· Increase ease in making appointments with your healthcare team
· Continuity of care for you and your family
· Better access to specialty care

How do I schedule an appointment? Call 366-WELL and follow the prompts to speak with an individual about making your appointment. Remember: You are your own best healthcare advocate. Proactive efforts to take care of yourself are the best method for maximizing your health and quality of life.