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  • Do you know the truth about yourself?

    "The unexamined life is not worth living" - SocratesThere is a risk associated with success and a great risk associated with great success. As you rise in rank, it's easy to start believing you are smarter, better looking and less fallible, when a quick glance in a mirror would reveal the truth. Do

  • Driving under the influence

    I have been an F-16 crew chief for 16 years. In early December 2010, I was a master sergeant awaiting the results from my second attempt at promoting to senior master sergeant.Everything was going well in my career, and I felt good about my chances of making my next stripe. I was where I wanted to

  • Passing the Baton

    Since January 2006, a total of 33 Air National Guard (ANG) chaplains and 31 chaplain assistants have proudly served as the deployed Religious Support Team (RST) here. The ANG RST is made up of a chaplain and chaplain assistant that augment the active duty chaplain staff by providing ministry to

  • Service before self

    I felt like my teeth were about to rattle out of my head as I held onto the frame of the old Chinese truck that ferried us to the work site each day. My back ached and my hands were blistered. The scorching heat of the Southeast Asian sun beat down with little shade to hide us from it. It was the

  • Facebook: The enemy's best friend

    What do Soviet spies and Facebook have in common? They assist the enemy in obtaining information that would otherwise be secret. It is too often you go online and see social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter with information that violates operational security (OPSEC). I remember

  • Positive thinking proves to be powerful personal ally

    As 2011 began, I knew I had some tough personal choices to make immediately to start off the year. These choices were life-altering and I knew I needed to find a way to gain the strength through the effects of these choices.Enter positive thinking. I knew the choices I was making were going to

  • Think about the fundamental principles of mentorship

    Think back to when you were young and struggling to get accustomed to your new high school, and along comes the dreaded "finals week." Facing four or five major tests in a row, you broke out into a cold sweat. But then you talked to an older sibling or friend who helped guide you through your study

  • Airmen, families critical to Wing success

    Since I arrived at Andersen Air Force Base last June, I have witnessed the transformation of this Wing in remarkable ways. I have seen Airmen and their families rise to the task again and again as we ensure our ability to provide stability and security in the Asia-Pacific Region.My foremost task at

  • My CCAF journey

    I sat down hard on the bed in our small Wiesbaden apartment when the news came: child number two was on the way and I knew, right then, that I had to get my collective together.It was January 1985, cold and sunny, and Kim and I just stared at each other. Child number one was strolling through the

  • Key spouses thank you for keeping it R.E.A.L. too

    Did you know that President Obama proclaimed November as Military Family Month and the first lady, Michelle Obama, has sought to provide more support for military families? You're also aware that the Air Force designated July 2009 through July 2010 as "Year of the Air Force Family" and that "Taking