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  • Growing Up Military

    "Growing up in a military family offers some challenges, but it also provides some special rewards. You can be proud of your mom and dad for their brave defense of this great country. Your love and support sustains them. So thank you for being there for mom and dad. You are American patriots and

  • Happy 60th Birthday B-52, and 48 years of history at Andersen AFB

    April 15, 1952 marked the very first flight of a B-52 Stratofortress, almost twelve years later, on March 29, 1964, the first B-52 landed at Andersen AFB starting the legacy of the BUFFs (Big Ugly Fat/Flying Fellow) at Andersen AFB. The first B-52B that arrived at Andersen AFB, named the "City of El

  • Farewell Instructions in Leadership

    In 1917, at the Second Training Camp, Fort Sheridan, Wyo., Maj. C. A. Bach gave farewell instructions to a graduating class of student officers. His farewell instructions were a soldier's analysis of how to be a leader. Timeless, his address to the men commissioned that day is as applicable now as

  • Mentorship

    What if I told you there's a tool that can revolutionize the way we do our jobs? Here are a few of the endless possibilities:· trainees fully duty qualified ahead of schedule· decreased safety mishaps· technically and professionally proficient Airmen· improved mission readiness· strong unit cohesion

  • Excellence in All We Do: Profile of An American Airman

    Two weeks ago, I had the great fortune to attend the 36th Wing Annual Awards ceremony. It was a celebration and recognition of Team Andersen's best-of-the-best. The evening's keynote speaker, The Honorable Robert Underwood, President of the University of Guam, particularly moved me. He used humor as

  • The Importance of Pursuing Education

    Why is education so important? The bottom-line is your nation needs you to have an education; the Air Force needs you to have an education, you need "you" to have an education. Education is the cornerstone of our nation, our society, and strengthens our military and our Air Force. It trains our

  • Make it a day on, not a day off

    Did you know there are no federal or national holidays in the United States? Each of the 50 states has jurisdiction over its holidays; yet, 10 holidays per year are proclaimed by the federal government. When was the last time you participated in the celebration of an observance recognizing specific

  • What’s on your “not-to-do” list this year?

    "Back to the Basics!" "Re-bluing the Force!" "Be a better Airman!" As we march into 2012, these statements sound like wonderful New Year's resolutions to professionalize our force. As champion of a 36th Wing priority to "Develop a Culture of Professional Airmen," I must help our Airmen understand

  • The Power of Attitude

    Success is an honored word in all organizations, no matter whether they are military or civilian. I believe that your success in any job is anchored solidly in your personal vision and values--in a word, your attitude. Look into any department that yields excellent customer satisfaction, high