• Flight medicine: a flight of their own

    -- Personnel from the 36th Wing Medical Group and flight medicine clinic had a chance to see their patients immersed in their work environment during an incentive flight Oct.11 here."One of flight and operations medicines many responsibilities include ensuring our deployers' medical needs are met,"

  • International infection prevention week

    The 36th Wing Medical Group will be advocating International Infection Prevention Week, Oct. 14 to Oct. 20, here."Hand washing is the number one way to prevent the spread of infection," said Maj. Dana Baker, 36th Medical Group aerospace medicine flight commander and infection preventionist. The 36th

  • Open House showcases Andersen's mission

    More than 4,000 servicemembers and civilians came together for the 2012 Andersen Air Force Base Open House here Oct. 13.Events like the Open House are an opportunity for residents of Guam and other islands in the region to get a broader understanding of the Pacific region mission for the Air Force,

  • Friday/Saturday Traffic Advisory for Andersen AFB

    Due to the PACAF F-16 Demonstration Team practice show and actual airoperations during the Open House, please be advised of the temporary roadclosure at Marianas Boulevard and Arc Light during the following timeperiods:Friday, 12 Oct: 4 to 6 p.m. Saturday, 13 Oct: 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. and 3 to 4

  • Team Andersen Airmen tour USS George Washington

    Members of Team Andersen and their families toured the USS George Washington (CVN 73) here, Sept. 22. "I enjoyed the tour," said 1st Lt. Musette Willis, 36th Operations Support Squadron weather flight commander. "Some people say that this island is small and there isn't too many places to travel,

  • Commando Warrior facilitates inspection

    At some point in their career, security forces Airmen are required to make a trip to a regional training center to make sure they have the skill sets to execute their mission downrange. In Asia-Pacific region, Andersen Air Force Base's 736th Security Forces Squadron Commando Warrior Flight not only

  • Team Andersen's Best

    Tech. Sgt. Susie Bryant, 36th Medical Support Squadron medical acquisitions and customer service flight noncommissioned officer in charge, was awarded Team Andersen's Best here Oct. 4.Sergeant Bryant is responsible for overseeing $1.2 million in contracts, manages a $2.5 million medical group

  • Andersen, always prepared to weather a storm

    The tropical climate of Guam leaves the possibility for a variety of weather scenarios and Team Andersen follows set procedures to stay mission-ready in the event of a weather emergency. Because Guam is in the middle of tropical waters, it is accustomed to tropical depressions, tropical storms and

  • 554th RED HORSE: “SEMPER DUCIMUS” for 47 years

    The 554th RED HORSE Squadron continues to uphold its unit motto, "semper ducimus" or "always leading" as it celebrates its 47th birthday on Oct.12, making the 554th RHS the oldest RED HORSE squadron in the U.S. Air Force. As other services have well known units, such as the Army's 101st and 82nd

  • 36th Wing Run and FOD Walk takes off

    Members of Team Andersen and their families participate in the monthly wing run here, Sept. 28. This month's wing run was approximately 3.5 miles and was followed by a foreign object debris walk on the flightline. These events are held to emphasize physical fitness and esprit de corps throughout the

  • CFC 2012 Kicks-off at Andersen

    The 2012 Combined Federal Campaign kicked off here, Oct. 1-5. Opportunities for Airmen to donate to their charities of choice will be available from Oct. 1 to Nov. 16."This year's motto is, 'One team: making a difference,'" said Capt. Amanda Altman, CFC's Andersen AFB project officer. "The motto is

  • MSG corner: FES to participate in nation-wide fire prevention week

    This week, the 36th Mission Support Group highlights the 36th Civil Engineering Squadron's Fire and Emergency Services (FES) flight and its upcoming participation in the nation-wide fire prevention week.The 36th CES FES flight's mission is to provide fire prevention, fire suppression, technical

  • 734th AMS supports Valiant Shield 12

    Airmen from the "mighty" 734th Air Mobility Squadron brought their "A-game" in support of Exercise Valiant Shield 2012 here, Sept. 11 to 17.This year, 734th AMS received and downloaded 416 tons of cargo, 796 passengers and received 48 inbound aircraft."We all feel a great deal of pride from

  • September 27th - October 4th is Absentee Voters Week

    A table with registration and voting materials will be set up at the BaseExchange for the entire week. Every day from 1130-1300, your VotingAssistance Officers, Maj Jamal Williams and Ms. Pricilla Pacificar, will bepresent to help you with all your voting needs and to answer any questionsyou may

  • Guam 9/11 2nd Annual Dragon Boat Race 2012

    The 2012 Second Annual 9/11 Commemorative Dragon Boat Race was held at at Matapang Beach here, Sept. 22. This year's boat race had ten-person teams that included personnel from the Guam Police Department, Andersen Air Force Base, deployed-in Kadena AFB Fire department, Guam Fire Department, Guam

  • Voluntary applications for retraining accepted through Oct. 5, 2012

    Two weeks left to volunteer for retrainingNoncommissioned officers in unrestricted career fields affected by thefiscal year 2013 NCO Retraining Program have 2 weeks remaining to volunteerfor retraining. NCOs who volunteer during Phase I have more opportunitiesto choose their next career field than

  • Andersen’s Best

    Staff Sgt. Amanda Santiago, 36th Wing Munitions Squadron senior munitions controller, was awarded Team Andersen's Best Sept. 20."Sergeant Santiago controls and directs munitions, flightline deliveries, and resupply activities," said Tech. Sgt. Elliott West, 36th MUNS controller and

  • Absentee Voting Week

    Absentee Voting Week is scheduled to take place here from Sept.27 to Oct.4."The purpose of Absentee Voting Week is to help people register and receive their ballots in time," said said Maj. Jamal Williams, 36th Wing Force Support Squadron operations officer and this year's installation voting

  • A flyer’s life is rigger business

    During Air Force Basic Military Training inspections, living areas, rolled shirts and folded socks should be flawless, emphasizing and engraining attention to detail in the minds of trainees. Though some may think that they can relax after graduation, for one career field, perfection in rolls, folds

  • Andersen fire department trains for any disaster

    The 36th Civil Engineer Squadron's fire protection flight respond to all emergencies on base, whether they are from natural causes or manmade.The flight is certified to fight aircraft fires, building fires, wild land or grass fires and car fires. The flight also responds to hazardous materials

  • 36th CES exercises wartime capability

    Civil engineer Airmen are rapidly deployable, specialized civil engineer units that provide a full range of engineering support required to establish, operate, and maintain garrison and contingency airbases. One of their core missions is to ensure the airfield is operational 24 hours a day, seven

  • 36th Wing provides consistent evac support in Asia-Pacific

    With tsunami threats recently pervading the Asia-Pacific region, the 36th Wing here has been actively exercising its capabilities of providing evacuation support to neighboring bases while simultaneously accommodating some of the largest joint and coalition exercises in the region."This year the

  • 36th EAMXS award honors legendary "Nine-O-Nine"

    The leadership waits silently on Andersen's flightline ramp, in an area where the crew chiefs can't see them. With certificates in hand, the leaders get ready to congratulate the winners of the "Nine-O-Nine" award the moment the B-52 Stratofortress breaks ground for its 20th straight sortie without

  • Andersen's Best

    Kristine Dizon, 36th Force Support Squadron lodging reservationist, was awarded Team Andersen's Best Sept. 13."Ms. Dizon is responsible for coordinating reservations for 832 bed spaces on Andersen AFB as well maintaining the relationship with 14 contracted hotels in the Tumon district," said John

  • Andersen hosts 5th National Drug Take Back

    Andersen will be participating in the drug enforcement association's 5th National Drug Take -back Sept. 29, with a drop-off location at the Andersen Base Exchange."This is an opportunity for people to turn in their old or unused prescription medications without question or scrutiny," said Lt. Col.

  • MSG Corner: Detachment 1, Diego Garcia

    Detachment 1 is strategically located on the small island of Diego Garcia in British Indian Ocean Territory. Det 1 consists of 28 personnel who make up four flights and a three person Command cell. Each of the four flights in Det 1 has specific responsibilities and capabilities to support a variety

  • Andersen flightline’s unsung heroes

    With exercises like Valiant Shield 2012 conducted here on island, the 74 members of the 36th Logistics Readiness Squadron's fuels flight are always on their feet, fueling some of the United States largest joint and coalition exercises in the Asia-Pacific region."We store 66 million gallons of fuel,

  • Andersen’s Best

    Staff Sgt. Dustin Castle, 734th Air Mobility Squadron command and control training noncommissioned officer in charge, was awarded Team Andersen's Best here, Sept. 6. "When operating out of the alternate command post, Sergeant Castle repaired the ultra high-frequency radio used to coordinate with

  • Andersen Airmen join elementary school in remembering 9-11

    Team Andersen Airmen volunteered to represent the Air Force and participated in a 9-11 remembrance day ceremony at Liguan Elementary School here, Sept. 11. Liguan Elementary School students held the ceremony to remember those who lost their lives and were affected by the 9-11 attack. (U.S. Air Force

  • Vigil run pays tribute to POW and MIA

    Team Andersen is scheduled to honor prisoners of war and those missing in action with a 24-hour vigil run and retreat ceremony here, Sept. 20 to 21."The run recognizes the sacrifices and contributions made by all veterans who have served our nation," said Master Sgt. Calvin Mason, 36th Medical Group

  • Andersen's Olympians

    Though geographically separated from most of the units on Andersen, it was no surprise to hear the letters "A-M-M-O!" reverberate through the air as the 36th Munitions Squadron kicked-off their annual Ammo Olympics with a squadron battle cry here, Aug. 30. The Ammo Olympics is an event where the

  • Andersen's Best

    Tech. Sgt. Elizabeth Scheid, 36th Wing Operations Support Squadron noncomissioned officer in charge of airfield management training, was awarded Team Andersen's Best here Aug. 30. Sergeant Scheid maximized efficiency of Andersen's taxiways and runways as an airfield manager by meticulously balancing

  • MSG corner: keeping the "profession of arms" compliant and ready

    This week, the 36th Mission Support Group highlights the 36th Security Forces Squadron Combat Arms Training and Maintenance section.The CATM mission is to ensure that all weapons utilized by 36th Wing personnel are functional, maintained and ready when the Airmen are called to duty. Additionally,

  • Andersen and Australian EOD work together in Tri-Crab 2012

    Team Andersen's Explosive Ordnance Disposal participated in the biennial multinational EOD exercise Tri-Crab 2012 from Aug. 20-31 on and around Guam.Tri-Crab is a combined engagement that focuses on strengthening relationships within the Asia-Pacific region through training and information

  • Rolling with the 736th SFS

    Security Forces members from Andersen Air Force Base participate in an Air Force combative course, Aug. 30. During the class, participants were taught the proper way to strike and grapple during hand-to-hand combat situations.

  • Avoiding potential risks keeps drivers safe

    Driving hazards are often avoidable and the 36th Wing safety office, along with the Air Force as a whole, are sharing their safety concerns."Our goal here at Andersen is to prevent future mishaps by arming Airmen and their families with the knowledge of all the possible driving risks, allowing them

  • New DOD policy for TDY and PCS cancellations

    Beginning October 1, 2012, any travel authorization that includes air travel must be approved and ticketed at least 72 hours in advance of the scheduled flight departure to avoid airline reservations from being cancelled. This is due to a new policy being instituted by the airlines under the FY13

  • AF senior leaders stress safety over Labor Day weekend

    Secretary of the Air Force Michael Donley, Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Mark A. Welsh III and Chief Master Sgt. of the Air Force James Roy issued the following message to all Air Force personnel:As our Nation pays tribute to American workers during Labor Day weekend, we thank all Airmen for your

  • Andersen exercises for success

    Team Andersen participated in Beverly Palm 12-04, an Operational Readiness Exercise, here Aug. 17-24. The exercise prepares Team Andersen for future inspections. "These exercises are used to take positive steps toward improving the base and preparing for upcoming inspections," said Master Sgt.

  • HSC-25 rescue swimmers: practice makes perfect

    Navy search and rescue swimmers from the Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron TWO FIVE here have taken on a job, and it is not for the faint of heart. The HSC-25 supports the Seventh Fleet units in the Western Pacific and assists the U.S. Coast Guard by providing SAR units. HSC-25 is the only helicopter

  • B-52s bring persistent airpower to Exercise Pitch Black 12

    The 69th Expeditionary Bomb Squadron, Minot Air Force Base, N.D., took to the skies of Australia's Northern Territory Aug. 2 to 18 as the lone U.S. Air Force unit flying in Exercise Pitch Black 12.With more than 2,200 personnel and up to 100 participating military aircraft, Exercise Pitch Black 12

  • Team Andersen takes part in GovGuam's Adopt-A-School

    Team Andersen Units have partnered up with GovGuam and local agencies to conduct school clean ups for the Adopt-A-School program during the month of August.The Adopt-A-School program is a GovGuam project where groups or individuals volunteer their time to clean and improve school ground, getting the

  • Assistance for voters at Andersen

    Voting season is just around the corner and members of Team Andersen are registering now to submit their votes for the coming 2012 Presidential elections."The most common mistake made by voters is that they assume they are registered to vote," said Maj. Jamal Williams, 36th Wing voting assistance

  • Andersen's Best

    Senior Airman Andrew Long, 36th Medical Group aerospace medical technician, was awarded Team Andersen's Best here Aug. 16."Airman Long instructed 17 basic life support classes on the course of six months to ensure patient care was not hindered by non-compliance," said Tech. Sgt. Zachary Pettis, 36th

  • KC-135 incentive flights bring renewed Air Force perspective

    Are you a pilot? Do you fly planes? These are questions that new Air Force members get bombarded with from nonmilitary family members and friends. It's a common misconception that everyone in the Air Force flies planes. Though not every Airman is a pilot, members of Team Andersen now have the

  • RED HORSE frames for future

    A master sergeant once said, "I think it's important these guys learn to build." At the time he was referring to Iraqi citizens learning vocational skills to rebuild their city. The same noncommissioned officer, now a chief master sergeant, repeated the same words, but this time in reference to the

  • Heat safety a top priority year-round at Andersen

    Heat safety precautions are easily over looked, and with the humid environment of Guam, the results can be unforgiving."Physical activity is very popular in Guam and hydrating is something that most people forget about until it is too late," said Staff Sgt. Krystal Matlock, 36th Medical Group

  • Andersen's Best

    Staff Sgt. David Popp, 554th Red Horse Squadron structural craftsman, was awarded Team Andersen's Best here Aug. 9."Sergeant Popp is an exceptional craftsman who has been phenomenal in leading two complete tilt-up concrete building projects from start to finish," said Tech. Sgt. Chris Sherrer, 554th

  • ORE exercise preperation

    Andersen will hold an Operational Readiness Exercise from Aug. 17 to 24. Servicemembers and dependents can expect increased force protection levels and unscheduled front gate closures."The purpose of the exercise is to evaluate the 36th Wing's ability during contingency operations," said Master Sgt.

  • Welsh 'humbled' to serve as Air Force chief of staff

    The Air Force chief of staff flag passed to the service's 20th chief in a ceremony here Aug. 10.Gen. Mark A. Welsh III, a 36-year Airman, stepped into the position, taking over for Gen. Norton Schwartz, who also retired from the Air Force during the ceremony."Mark is respected throughout the Air

  • 36 OG staff 360s to 90

    When one technical sergeant had a couple of days left before his permanent change of station, he received a challenge that he couldn't refuse.Before Tech. Sgt. Kenner Sagorsor, 36th Operations Group resource adviser, got his orders for his next assignment, he received a challenge from Col. Randy

  • MSG corner: Performance Assessment Flight

    This week, the 36th Mission Support Group highlights the 36th Logistics Readiness Squadrons performance assessment flight.The performance assessment flight helps improve warfighting capabilities by ensuring the Airmen have the right assets. From aircraft power washers to equipment and vehicles that

  • General Carlisle takes command of Pacific Air Forces

    Gen. Herbert "Hawk" Carlisle took command of Pacific Air Forces from Gen. Gary North Aug. 3, 2012, in a change of command ceremony here.Presiding over the ceremony, Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Norton Schwartz praised North's past accomplishments and Carlisle's future potential as the commander of

  • Andersen Career Assistance Advisor promotes 'rightsizing'

    Thinking of re-enlisting, re-training or making other significant moves in your Air Force career? If so, Andersen's Career Assistance Advisor can guide you in the right direction.The focus of the CAA is both career and professional development for Airmen."Throughout my career, mentoring and guiding

  • B-52s provide RIMPAC 2012 air capability

    Members from the 69th Expeditionary Bomb Squadron, Minot Air Force Base, N.D., participated in nine sorties in support of this year's Rim of the Pacific exercise July 11 to 31 in and around training areas surrounding the Hawaiian islands. Six B-52s from the 69th EBS, accompanied by more than 200

  • Guam Retiree Activities Office bridges the gap

    The Guam Retiree Activities Office acts as a conduit between the active duty and retired communities, keeping members updated on events and current information."Our office and our volunteers are here to serve the needs of the community to the best of our abilities," said retired Chief Master Sgt.

  • The Andersen ADC Team: Your Independent Advocates

    The Area Defense Counsel team has one mission: Defending Those Defending Freedom. The ADC office on Andersen AFB is composed of one active duty attorney and one active duty paralegal, Capt Ian Holzhauer and TSgt Tara Padua. Together, we represent active duty Air Force members in actions under the

  • Andersen’s Best

    Staff Sgt. Roderick Mogote, 36th Wing Maintenance Group maintenance operations center controller, was awarded Team Andersen's Best here August 3."Sergeant Mogote has stepped into the position of senior maintenance operations center controller, typically filled by an E-7, and excelled," said Tech.

  • 36th MUNS, Navy Ordnance work together for RIMPAC

    Airmen from the 36th Munitions Squadron worked hand-in-hand with Naval Base Guam's ordnance unit to support the 69th Expeditionary Bomb Squadron's participation in the Rim of the Pacific Exercise July 11 to 31.The RIMPAC exercise, which started in 1971, is a biennial exercise in and around the

  • Chamoru cultural experience

    The Chamoru Cultural festival, a cultural experience for all involved, took place at the Hot Spot here July 28.The event was open to Team Andersen personnel and their family members. Activities included weaving, traditional dancing, Talaya fish net throwing and basic Chamoru language lessons. "More

  • Remembering RAIDR21

    The 69th Expeditionary Bomb Squadron, currently deployed to Andersen from Minot AFB, N.D., participated in Guam's 68th Liberation Day celebration July 21 by kicking off the annual parade with a B-52 flyover.As Americans celebrated the anniversary of the day in 1944 when U.S. forces liberated the

  • Simulator keeps Andersen ATC at top of their game

    What once was a static board made up of a map, little stands and toy airplanes, is now an electronic panel with six large LCD screens that provide a 270 degree realistic view of Andersen's airfield.The simulator is a training tool that is comparable to a video game.Air Traffic Control Airmen use the

  • MSG corner: Airman & Family Readiness Center

    This week, the 36th Mission Support Group highlights the 36th Force Support Squadron's Airman & Family Readiness Center.The A&FRC's goal is to improve the health and welfare of the military community. The center helps Airmen adapt to the demands of the ever-changing life of those in the military.

  • Andersen’s Best

    Airman 1st Class Priscilla Olivio, 36th Wing Logistics Readiness Squadron fuels distribution operator, was awarded Team Andersen's Best July 26.As a fuels distribution operator, Airman Olivo is an important component for the Fuels Management Flight."Airman Olivio directly contributes to the flight,

  • Grand Opening : ServMart

    The grand opening for the United States Air Force ServMart was held here July 26.The ServMart carries more than 800 products including more than 485 environmentally-friendly products, making it easy for government organizations to meet their mandatory purchasing requirements. ServMart carries many

  • IEU helps Andersen gear up to deploy

    Getting out the door quickly with the proper equipment is a top priority for any servicemember with a short-notice deployment tasking. The Individual Equipment Unit is the behind the scenes shop supplying Team Andersen and Naval Base Guam members with the equipment they need for deployments,

  • USDA rounds up brown tree snakes

    Last year, 10 to 12 thousand brown tree snakes were captured by the USDA on Guam, with approximately 4,000 on Andersen.Many of these captures can be attributed to the Jack Russell terriers that are trained specifically to locate and capture the snakes.There are approximately 24 trained terriers with

  • 36 EAMXS breaks records

    The 36th Expeditionary Aircraft Maintenance Squadron have maintained an outstanding maintenance scheduling effectiveness rate of 99 percent, surpassing the standard of 95, on Andersen since their arrival in April.The 36 EAMXS, which is currently comprised of members from the 69th Expeditionary

  • Optometry keeps Andersen's eyes on the mission

    It is common knowledge that flying a plane requires near perfect eyesight. A common misconception for those looking to join the Air Force is that a person is required to have 20/20 vision. Before entering the Air Force, routine tests are conducted to qualify individuals for various career fields.

  • Andersen's Radiology clinic minimizes risk

    Andersen's Radiology clinic uses imaging to diagnose and treat its patients with different techniques, from X-rays to magnetic resonance imaging.Many patients fear that these scans will expose them to cancer-causing radiation. However, there is more than one type of scan, both routine, and each with

  • Andersen's Best

    Staff Sgt. Michael Evans, 36th Wing ground technician safety, was awarded Team Andersen's Best July 19."Sergeant Evans has been an integral part of a team that has been manned at 50 percent for the last year," said Tech. Sgt. Carlos Rogers, 36th Wing ground safety manager and Sergeant Evans's

  • MSG Corner: Knowledge Operations

    This week, the 36th Mission Support Group highlights the 36th Communication Squadron's knowledge operations.The 36 CS knowledge operations support the mission by making information reusable, shared, protected, consistent and compliant."We help units with their stored information, like files in the

  • Hot off the press: counterintelligence restricted report

    The Air Force Office of Special Investigations Detachment 602 needs your help! As a servicemember, military dependent, U.S. Government employee, retiree or government contractor, you have access to information of value to the adversaries of our country. Foreign intelligence and security services can

  • Andersen to represent Liberation Day parade

    The 68th annual Liberation Day celebration parade will kick off with a B-52 Stratofortress flyover from the 69th Expeditionary Bomb Squadron at 10 a.m. July 21. The parade route is scheduled to begin at 9:30 a.m. at the Governor's complex in Adelup, Guam. The route will continue to the grandstand in

  • Andersen to represent Liberation Day parade

    The 68th annual Liberation Day celebration parade will kick off with a B-52 Stratofortress flyover from the 69th Expeditionary Bomb Squadron at 10 a.m. July 21. The parade route is scheduled to begin at 9:30 a.m. at the Governor's complex in Adelup, Guam. The route will continue to the grandstand in

  • 90 at 90: What’s hindering your running form?

    Cardiovascular exercise is a vital part of any fitness regimen and important to servicemembers training for mission-readiness.There is a common misconception that running shoes make the runner, or that a certain shoe will make those who wear it faster, but the foundation of good running does not

  • Andersen's Best

    Senior Airman Dylan Blevins, 734th Air Mobility Squadron air terminal operational controller information controller, was awarded Andersen's Best July 11."Airman Blevins is one of only two airmen who currently works in the elite section of the Aerial Port," said Master Sgt. Parker Alford, 734 AMS air

  • Becoming an MTI? There’s an app for that

    There's a smart phone application for just about everything these days, including joining the ranks of the Air Force's military training instructor corps. The app, simply called "Air Force MTI," is free and available for Apple, Android and Blackberry devices."It takes a special person to be an MTI,"

  • Feds Feed Families

    Federal employees are voluntarily participating in "Feds Feed Families," an effort to donate non-perishable food items, using their offices as collection points and distributing the donations to local food banks."All donations received will go to the Salvation Army Food bank," said Tech. Sgt.

  • Andersen’s First Four: a good start

    Need volunteer Enlisted Performance Report bullets? Want to expand the social network, be exposed to leadership opportunities, and be a community-involved, well-rounded Airman? If so, the First Four is a good start for you.The First Four is an organization devoted to the morale and welfare of the

  • Andersen’s Best

    Airman 1st Class Javier Peralta, 69th Expeditionary Bomb Squadron combat crew communications apprentice, was awarded Andersen's Best July 6."Airman Peralta's job ensures B-52s have beyond line-of-sight communication ability all over the Pacific command theater," said Maj. Chris Morris, Airman

  • Restoration in moving forward

    Often, conservation is the first idea to be associated with environmental awareness, but here at Andersen Air Force Base, the 36th Civil Engineer Squadron environmental flight's restoration department is just as hard at work to make sure the environment is well taken care of.The restoration

  • HSC-25, continuous support

    ANDERSEN AIR FORCE BASE, Guam-- Andersen Air Force Base, home of the 36th Wing, also houses the Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron Two Five. HSC-25 was relocated to Andersen in 1996, where they were later redesignated the Island Knights after Naval Air Station Agana was closed. To this day, they remain

  • Andersen's Best

    ANDERSEN AIR FORCE BASE, Guam - Senior Airman John Silvi, 644th Combat Communications Squadron radio frequency transmission systems journeyman was awarded Team Andersen's Best June 22. Airman Silvi installed, operated and maintained equipment valued at more than 6 Million, providing wideband,

  • 36th Wing holds change of command, welcomes new commander

    The 36th Wing guidon was passed from Brig. Gen. John Doucette to Brig. Gen. Steven Garland as a symbolic representation of the transfer of leadership at the 36th Wing's change of command ceremony at Hangar 6, June 26.During the ceremony General Doucette was awarded the Legion of Merit for

  • Information is best weapon against suicide

    In the year 2010 there were 110, in the year 2011 there were 122 and half way through 2012, already at 140; these, according to defense officials, are the number of suicides across the services within the past three years. It shows an upward trend in the number of lives lost despite the constantly

  • MSG Corner: Commercial Acquisition Flight, getting AF best value

    With all the budget cuts and doing more with less, the 36th Contracting Squadron commercial acquisition flight's responsibility of getting the Air Force more bang for their buck is needed now more than ever.The main job of the commercial acquisition flight is to procure the items that the units on

  • Andersen's Best

    Senior Airman Adam King, 36th Wing Munitions Squadron, storage crew chief was awarded Andersen's Best June 16."Airman King is an invaluable member to the 36 Munitions Squadron," said his supervisor Staff Sgt. Eric Betz.During the 2012 Pacific Air Forces Combat Ammunition Production Exercise, Airman

  • Weather flight: typhoon season, "it's show time"

    In order to successfully fly, fight and win in air, space and cyberspace, the Air Force relies on the weather flights to provide accurate information on one of mother nature's sporadic children: weather.The main tasks of the weather flight are resource protection for the base and mission support for

  • 90 at 90 : Nutrition is key

    Team Andersen is working toward the goal of 90 at 90 and though physical fitness is key, nutrition is the foundation of results and living a healthy lifestyle." The top nutrition mistakes that I see in servicemembers would be the consumption of too many processed 'convenience' foods and living a

  • It's a freedom that you defend--Vote!

    Voting season is set to begin for Team Andersen as Overseas Voters Week kicks off June 27 to July 6.The Installation Voting Assistance Office, located on the second floor of the Mission Support Group building in room 201, will be open for business every Monday to Friday from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. until

  • 36 CRG kicks off UCI prep with four-day exercise

    The 36th Contingency Response Group recently completed a four day Operational Readiness Exercise in Northwest Field, Guam, from June 4 to June 7.This exercise kicked off more tactical training and preparation about to ensue for the unit's upcoming unit compliance inspection in May of next year."The

  • Night Shift: key to continuity

    Imagine gears continuously turning, an entity supplied with continuous energy, working for hours on end until desired results are achieved; results that are a product of continuity.For a combat communication squadron, the mission of getting communications up is the desired result, and the continuous

  • Preparing for Typhoon Season

    -- Andersen Air Force Base participated in a typhoon exercise June 11 to June 15."Typhoon Pakyo 12 is a joint exercise with Joint region Marianas and the Government of Guam preparing the island for the typhoon season that began June 1," said Maj. Bruce Murren, 36th Wing inspector general. "It allows

  • MSG Corner: Housing flight gets Airmen situated, ready to go

    Like an organism, Team Andersen relies on its sub-units on base to create homeostasis, maintaining a stable, constant condition, in order to create a mission conducive environment. One of the units that plays a vital part in getting the Airmen situated and mission ready is the 36th Civil Engineer

  • RED HORSE blasts to build

    "Five..., four..., three..., two..., one...," counted the Airman; a brief pause. Then Boom! The deafening sounds reverberated in the quarry as members of the 554th RED HORSE Squadron explosive demolition team watched the results of the explosives they had set earlier that day."We blast once a month

  • Harvest House “Back 2 School Supply Stash”

    The Andersen Fire Department will be volunteering at the Harvest Baptist Church for a school supply drive August 4, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. The event will be held at the Harvest Family Life Center, across the street from the Harvest Baptist Church.Harvest House, an organization for the foster children of

  • Kids Understanding Deployment Operations

    Children and parents attended Operation Kids Understanding Deployment Operations at the Hot Spot June 2.The event was organized to educate children of servicemembers about deployments and the processes servicemembers participate in leading up to deployments."The event helps children understand what

  • Andersen's Best

    Stephanie Aguon, quality assurance personnel coordinator and contract specialist, was awarded Andersen's Best June 7."Miss. Aguon took on the task of leading the Performance and Quality Oversight Program," said Master Sgt. Kenneth Winn. "Within four months her efforts made the program the strongest

  • Medical 'C-code' not a deployment disqualifier

    Contrary to common belief, a medical assignment limitation code, commonly known as the "C-code," does not disqualify an Airman from deployment, and it does not identify an Airman for medical discharge.A "C-code" applied to a member's profile for medical reasons is one of the various tools AFPC

  • Cadets get a taste of operational Air Force

    United States Air Force Academy cadets have recently gained a two-week taste of active-duty Air Force as part of the Field Engineering and Readiness Laboratory program.The FERL program allows cadets majoring in the engineering field to spend time at a chosen base where they experience the job and

  • 40 Years in the Making

    For a majority of Andersen AFB personnel, it is hard to imagine what Andersen was like in 1972 during the final period of involvement in the Vietnam War. For Master Sgt. Ronald Landry, 117th Air Refueling Wing, Birmingham Al., currently stationed here on a temporary duty assignment, he could tell

  • Andersen's Best

    The 36th Wing Equal Opportunity Office was awarded Andersen's Best May 30.The office was recently awarded the Col. Joseph Brown Award for best office in Air Force district Washington."Office personnel have spent over 90 hours in units as part of the equal opportunity outreach program, while

  • Aviation Marines set stage for Geiger Fury 2012

    Marines with Marine Wing Support Squadron 171 prepared for training at West Field here May 13-18 during Exercise Geiger Fury 2012.The squadron, part of Marine Aircraft Group 12, 1st Marine Aircraft Wing, III Marine Expeditionary Force, is participating in Geiger Fury to increase operational

  • Know it, avoid a ticket

    As Air Force Instructions are written to encompass everything under the umbrella of the United States Air Force, Air Base Wing Instructions were adopted to allow specific bases to develop rules that cater to the base's location, layout and specific regulatory needs. That said, traffic rules are one

  • Veterans honored at Memorial Day services

    Memorial Day services were held at Guam Veteran Cemetery May 28 to honor and pay respect to those who have fallen in the name of freedom.The national holiday honors the fallen and pays tribute to parents, spouses, children and siblings who have laid a loved one to rest.President John F. Kennedy

  • Andersen’s Best

    Staff Sgt. Christopher Maye, 36th Operation Support Squadron air traffic controller, was awarded Andersen's Best May 17."Sergeant Maye was a member of a two-man air traffic control liaison team that was responsible for the overall safety during air operations in support of Exercise Balikitan 2012,

  • America's Armed Forces Kids Run

    The annual America's Armed Forces Kids Run was held at Andersen AFB May 19."Servicemembers understand what physical fitness means and its importance," said Marco Di Giulio, 36th Force Support Squadron special events coordinator. "I think this event was a great way to introduce their children to this

  • Andersen’s Best

    Staff Sgt. Jeremy Harris, 36th Medical Group dental hygienist, was awarded Andersen's Best May 11."Sergeant Harris provides care to more than 2,500 active duty patients at Andersen AFB," said Master Sgt. Beneria Hill, Sergeant Harris' supervisor.The planning and execution of the highly successful

  • Multicultural festival brings Team Andersen entertainment, education

    Team Andersen celebrated its first multicultural festival May 18 at the Sunrise Conference Center.The event featured foods, crafts, traditions such as dancing, as well as presentations from various cultures that comprise our wing, military and nation. "This is a great opportunity to learn about one

  • Police Week

    Team Andersen concluded National Police Week with a retreat ceremony at 4:30 p.m. May 15, at the Arc Light Memorial Park flagpole.National Police Week occurs each year during the week of May 15, in recognition of the service and sacrifice of U.S. law enforcement.Established by a joint resolution of

  • AES Career Day draws excellent turn-out

    Andersen Elementary School students took a break from their books Friday, May 11, to listen to stories and watch presentations from guest speakers during Career Day.Career Day is an annual AES event where people from different career fields are invited to give presentations about their jobs to the

  • Safety – It’s Personal

    It's that time of year again to soak up the sun and bring out the fun, but along with the barbeques and beach days come the 101 Critical Days of Summer, kicking off Memorial Day weekend. Team Andersen is starts the summer season with a Memorial Day Beach Bash from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. May 25 at Tarague

  • Volunteers open hearts, spend time with local patients

    A convoy of vehicles traveled through the streets of Guam as Marines and sailors participating in Exercise Geiger Fury 2012 donated their time at Guam Memorial Hospital with longterm patients who may not often get to see friends or family.Volunteers spent time with patients under the care of the

  • Company Grade Officers 'Keep it REAL'

    Members of Andersen's Company Grade Officer's Club were given a chief's perspective in support of professional development for junior officers at the Palm Tree Golf Course Clubhouse May 11.Chief Master Sgt. Margarita Overton and Chief Master Sgt. David Duncan joined CGOC staff members to share their

  • Families list retirement, pay as top issues

    Military families regard the possible change of military retirement benefits as their top concern, according to the results of a major survey released today.The 2012 Military Family Lifestyle Survey also shows that pay and benefits, the impact of deployments on children, operational tempo, spouse

  • Global Strike Command leader previews B-52 upgrades

    During a recent visit to Edwards AFB, Calif., the commander of Air Force Global Strike Command spent time with B-52 Combined Test Force officials to preview the combat capability enhancements made to the B-52H Stratofortress.Modernizing and sustaining the nation's long range strike aviation

  • Andersen showcases capabilities during SMEE

    Host nation servicemembers spent five days visiting Team Andersen's Pacific Regional Training Center as part of U.S. Pacific Command's Theater Security Cooperation Program, a multilateral subject-matter expert exchange co-hosted by senior civil engineer and security forces personnel from

  • New Ambulance Policy Brings Greater Capabilities

    A new policy instated at Andersen Air Force base will allow ambulances and emergency medical technicians to operate at an Advanced Life Support status."Before, when we received a call that required advanced life support, ambulance services would have to meet off base with Guam ALS and have their

  • Congratulations Retirees!

    ANDERSEN AIR FORCE BASE, Guam - For upholding integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all we do in all their years of hard work, dedication and commitment, congratulations to the following retirees:June 30, 2012 Senior Master Sgt. Janet Alford, 36th WingSept. 30, 2012 Master Sgt.

  • Andersen's Best

    Staff Sgt. Amanda Aaron, 36th Contingency Response Group noncomissioned officer in charge, was awarded Andersen's Best May 3."Sergeant Aaron is responsible for ensuring that a staff of more than 480 personnel, 35 Unit Type Codes and equipment valued at approximately $110 million is ready and

  • Annual Joint Marianas Graduation June 2

    Family, friends, guests, commanders, first sergeants and unit personnel are invited to the annual Joint Marianas graduation scheduled 10 a.m. June 2 at the Top o' the Mar in Piti, Guam. The graduation will recognize Community College of the Air Force graduates, University of Phoenix graduates and

  • In service: with or without the uniform

    Out on the field he dons combat boots, an Airman battle uniform, interceptor body armor, blue baseball cap, and has a beard and a mustache. No, he is not an Airman out of regulations; he is a Department of Defense civilian who chooses to be out on the field with the unit."I chose to take part in

  • FTAC: aiding in vital transitions

    The First Term Airman Course is a program provided by the Career Assistance Advisor office that is designed to transition Airmen smoothly from training to a mission-oriented environment. The FTAC program at Andersen is an opportunity to get acclimated to living in a new location, to learn about

  • Team Andersen hosts national police week

    Team Andersen will be paying respect to our fallen heroes who were lost in the line of duty starting May 13. National Police Week recognizes the service and sacrifice of law enforcement personnel who have paid the ultimate sacrifice. The week is a collective effort from numerous organizations

  • Andersen's Best: TSgt Riden

    Tech. Sergeant Dewey Riden, 36th Maintenance Squadron Aerospace Ground Equipment noncomissioned officer in charge, was awarded Andersen's Best April 27."Sergeant Riden plays an integral part in sustaining constant ground support equipment operations for several organizations around Andersen and

  • 644 CBCS executes 'Dragon Thunder'

    The 644th Combat Communication Squadron successfully conducted field training exercise Dragon Thunder from April 16 to 27. During the exercise they accomplished communications setup and force protection training in a simulated bare-base environment."Based on what I have observed during my visits and

  • Health and Fitness Fair

    Health advice was in abundance from multiple vendors at the Health and Fitness Fair at Andersen AFB May 1.The Health and Fitness Fair, held at the Coral Reef Fitness Center, was organized as a way for servicemembers and dependents to gain advice from local experts on health and wellness."The goal

  • 90 at 90:Striving for results

    Servicemembers at Andersen are motivated to improve their physical fitness test scores to 90 percent and above. Fitness does not come as easily for some as it may for others. Failing a PT test can have a negative affect not only moral, but on the workplace as well.Failing a PT test has always been a

  • Andersen to close main gate May 5 and 6

    The Andersen Air Force Base main gate is scheduled to close at 1 a.m. to 5 p.m. on both May 5 and 6, in support of construction along Andersen's Arc Light Blvd. All traffic will be diverted through the Santa Rosa gate.Additionally, the Visitor's Center will close from 2 a.m. to 5 a.m. on both

  • Air Force strategy legend dies at age 96

    A retired Air Force general who was known as the father of "strategy to task," and was instrumental in the development and implementation of new weapon systems during the last half of the 20th Century passed away April 25, at the age of 96.Retired Lt. Gen. Glenn A. Kent spent more than three decades

  • CAPEX is a success: tests capabilities, builds 1,500 bombs

    The Combat Ammunition Production Exercise concluded with an outbrief April 27 announcing the CAPEX's success, testing the 36th Munitions Squadron's and deployed-in forces' ability to build munitions and support combat sorties. The non-rated exercise, conducted April 23 to 26, is done once a year and

  • Dorm Dwellers, Dorm Council combine efforts

    For Team Andersen's single E-4s and below, Andersen dormitories are a home away from home, and recently the "Dorm Dwellers", who meet once a month, have combined their meetings with the Dorm Council.The "Dorm Dwellers" is a program meant to bring dorm residents together, allowing them to socialize,

  • SATCOM: Establishing connections of astronomical proportions

    He recalls being deployed to Madagascar with a team of four. The country was in a civil war. With an army coupe ousting its leader, the country was left in violent turmoil. The ambassador asked Africa Command to send its advanced echelon team to help formulate a course of action for evacuating the

  • Team Andersen's Best, Airman 1st Class Dominic Pena

    ANDERSEN AIR FORCE BASE, Guam -Airman 1st Class Dominic Pena, 36th Civil Engineer Squadron heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration apprentice, was awarded Team Andersen's Best April 18."Airman Pena tackled the back-breaking task of restoring the Pacific Air Force's largest chiller

  • 644: Getting "ready for war!" CBCS conduct full deployment exercise

    Airlifting pallets, a simulated flight, full battle-rattle, mortars and firefights; are all ingredients of a full-blown Air Force combat com squadron exercise.The 644th Combat Communication Squadron is conducting a field training exercise in Guam from April 16 to 27, testing their ability to build a

  • Andersen welcomes 69th EBS

    The 69th Expeditionary Bomb Squadron from Minot Air Force Base, N.D., has arrived to support U.S. Pacific Command's continuous bomber presence here.Since 2004, Andersen has played host to the CBP after Pacific Air Forces began routinely deploying B-1, B-2 and B-52 bomber aircraft to Guam on a

  • Team Andersen to welcome National Drug Take Back April 28

    Members of Team Andersen will have the opportunity to dispose of unwanted or unused prescription drugs in a safe and appropriate environment during the National Drug Take Back Initiative April 28 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.Andersen will provide two medication drop-off sites for individuals who already

  • Team Andersen's Best : SrA Serrano

    Senior Airman Juana Serrano, Wing Staff Tax Center manager, was awarded Team Andersen's Best April 13."Airman Serrano has been preparing for her position since Nov. 11," said Master Sgt. Ralph Oliver and Master Sgt. Judy Bland, Airman Serrano's supervisors. "Completely aware of the challenges she

  • Policy bans drivers from cell phone use on Guam

    People in Guam are now banned from using cell phones while driving. Though the ban on cell phones while driving is new to the island of Guam, Andersen has had a similar policy for years."Cell phone use while driving has been illegal on base since 2006," said Master Sgt. David Squires, 36th Security

  • AFOSI is looking to recruit

    The Air Force Office of Special Investigations Detachment 602 is seeking qualified Airmen interested in pursuing a challenging and rewarding career as a federal law enforcement agent in the United States Air Force. Enlisted Airmen may apply for special-agent duty once they've first served in another

  • Sexual Assault Message to Airmen

    Sexual Assault Awareness Month reminds us to renew our collective andindividual commitment to our core values and to focus on promoting anenvironment that prevents sexual assault. Sexual assault is criminalbehavior that violates the basic tenets of our profession. There is noplace in our Air Force

  • USAF Honor Guard Drill Team recognized as 'best of the best'

    The U.S. Air Force Honor Guard Drill Team outperformed the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Merchant Marines and Coast Guard teams in the fourth annual Joint Service Drill Team Competition here April 14.In a symphony of discipline and precision, the U.S. armed forces' most elite drill teams gathered at the

  • Recycle and Reuse

    With grime under their nails and sweat on their brow, Airmen assigned to the 36th Civil Engineer Squadron, more commonly known as the "Dirt Boyz," constantly work to keep Andersen's mission going. Along with their other day-to-day tasks, the Dirt Boyz also manage the recycling area at the sanitary

  • 36 MUNS preps for CAPEX

    The Combat Ammunition Production Exercise is scheduled to be underway April 23 through 26 here to test the 36th Munitions Squadron Airmen's capability to build munitions and support combat sorties. Anticipating the exercise's approach, the squadron has conducted mini exercises to prepare the Airmen

  • Dorm of the quarter

    "Excellence - some excel because they are destined to, most excel because they are determined to." These are the words inscribed on Senior Airman Kenneth Cabanas, 36th Maintenance Squadron's, certificate for winning the Dormitory Room of the Quarter for January through April 2012."It's an awesome

  • Air Force Outstanding Small Chapel 2011

    The Andersen Air Force Base 36th Wing Chapel staff stand for a group photo to receive the 2011 Air Force Outstanding Small Chapel Award April 11. The Chapel staff was selected as Pacific Air Forces best small chapel and went on to win the prestigious award of best in the Air Force. They were

  • Lil’ Bombers have fun on the field

    Team Andersen's "Lil' Bombers" are wrapping up their third season since the club's creation and would like to get the word out for other youth soccer stars who may be interested in not just playing soccer, but getting involved in the community. The "Lil' Bombers" club is part of the Guam Football

  • 'Battle of survival:' Special tactics officer awarded Air Force Cross

    In a harrowing 10-hour battle amidst more than 100 insurgents, a special tactics officer kept the enemy at bay with a little help from above. Capt. Barry F. Crawford Jr. was awarded the Air Force Cross during a Pentagon ceremony April 12 for his heroic actions controlling the air space and calling

  • Team Andersen's Best: SrA Reece Simpson

    Senior Airman Reece Simpson, 734th Air Mobility Squadron mission support journeyman, was awarded Team Andersen's Best April 6."As a superior performer, Airman Simpson inspected 50 aircraft support consolidated tool kits and corrected 327 identified discrepancies, cementing a phenomenal 100 percent

  • SAAM events unite Team Andersen

    As April gets underway and the nation raises its collective voice to speak out against sexual violence, Team Andersen continues to promote awareness through special events, public demonstration and education.After garnering tremendous support from the base populace during the 36th Wing Sexual

  • Why You Need Home Renters Insurance

    Rental home insurance is a great investment for people living in apartments or rented homes (military). With the cost of rental home insurance as low as $10 a month, you can have your rental home or apartment covered for things such as fire, water damage or theft. Considering the value of the

  • Team Andersen’s Best: Tech. Sgt. Kenner Sagorsor

    Tech. Sgt. Kenner Sagorsor, 36th Operations Group resource advisor, was awarded Team Andersen's Best March 29."Sergeant Sagorsor goes above and beyond every day and although he is the junior member on our staff, he is not afraid to lead or tackle any challenge," said Chief Master Sgt. James Slisik,

  • Airman to agent: AFOSI wants you

    Since the nation's inception more than 230 years ago, the image of a servicemember clad in camouflage and charging forward under a star spangled flag of red, white and blue has fostered feelings of patriotism and instilled an indelible sense of security in the American people.However, U.S. citizens

  • Leading future leaders: ALS instructor receives FS NCO of the year award

    From basic training to tech school, all the way to the operational Air Force, the phrase "setting you up for success" is continuously used. Delivered by instructors and supervisors, the phrase is used to reassure the mentee that the mentor's main purpose is to lead young Airmen towards the right

  • 36 FSS Award winners announced

    The 36th Force Support Squadron Major Command level winners for Andersen were announced March 28. The following units and individuals were the deserving recipients:Unit AwardsThe Major General Eugene L. Eubank Lt. Col. Craig SmallsTeam/Program Awards Operations Program of the YearLt. Col. Shawn

  • PACANGEL unbound by numbers, helps 3000 more

    Operation Pacific Angel, an ongoing humanitarian assistance mission conducted throughout the Pacific theater, was recently competed at the first location, Legazpi City, Philippines, for 2012. U.S. forces provided medical and engineering assistance, as well as forums for subject matter expert

  • AFAF kicks off

    Brig. Gen. John Doucette, 36th Wing commander, and Chief Master Sgt. Margarita Overton, 36th Wing command chief, make their Air Force Assistance Fund donation with the attendance of Airman Leadership Class 12-C March 28 here. The yearly fund raiser offers Airmen the opportunity to contribute to any

  • Access road paves way to convenience

    ANDERSEN AIR FORCE BASE, Guam - Freshly paved and painted, the road easing post office traffic and providing direct access to the softball field is scheduled to be open for use April 2.The $300,000 project is a continuation of Mobile Avenue and now spans from 5th Street, across 4th Street and into

  • Team Andersen promotes sexual assault awareness in April

    April is national Sexual Assault Awareness Month and participation is encouraged as the 36th Wing endeavors to put an end to sexual violence.For those seeking to join the nation in its fight against sexual assault and misconduct, Team Andersen is scheduled to host a myriad of events promoting public

  • Andersen's Best: TSgt Jayar P. Pabalan

    Tech. Sgt. Jayar Pabalan, 36th Medical Support Squadron noncommissioned officer in charge, was awarded Team Andersen's Best, March 22."Sergeant Pabalan manages medical information systems projects and oversees 912 pieces of equipment, worth $1.7 million for 190 medical group members," said Capt.

  • PACAF Award winners announced

    Many awards have been presented to Team Andersen's personnel this year, and March has been no exception to the recognition shown some of the superior performers here. The following Pacific Air Force award winners were announced here March 20:Ray Hardin Air Traffic Control Facility of the Year The

  • Team Andersen upholds safety standards, garners awards

    Each year, the Secretary of the Air Force, Chief of Staff and Chief of Safety Awards are presented to safety teams throughout the Air Force who are able to reach a higher standard than their peers.Recently, the 36th Wing was recognized as one of the elite, garnering awards for its exemplary ground,

  • Air Force ends pilot travel card program

    The Air Force recently decided to transition existing Controlled Spend Account travel cards to an enhanced Government Travel Card by the end of fiscal 2012. "The CSA, a pilot travel card program, provided some enhancements for travelers, but also brought about significant challenges for our most

  • 90 at 90: Emphasize the Exercise

    Physical fitness is more important than ever as the Air Force moves forward in restructuring. This requires our Airmen to be better, faster and stronger. Military members should look not only to keep up with the pace, but to exceed it, striving for excellence.Possibly the most strenuous part of the

  • Fortresses forged with steel and unity; 23 EBS bids farewell to Andersen

    "The future of politics will be decided in Asia, not Afghanistan or Iraq, and the United States will be right at the center of the action," a quote from an article written in November 2011 by Hillary Clinton, U.S. Secretary of State, regarding the importance of a strong U.S. military presence in the

  • Rules of the Road for runners and drivers

    The sunny Guam weather and fitnessinitiatives at Andersen have a large number of people constantly jogging, running and enjoying outdoor activities here. With this high volume of active people, it is important that all joggers, runners, pedestrians and drivers know the rules of the road.Air Force

  • Veterans tour Andersen

    Member of a military historic tour group and interested personnel view Andersen's historical assets during a tour on Andersen Air Force Base March 13. The tour was part of the 17th annual Military Histories tour that brings veterans back to the old battlefields on Guam and Iwo Jima.

  • Safety enables Airmen to fly, fight, win

    With mission capabilities such as the continuous bomber presence, theater security package and a contingency response group poised for action anywhere in the area of responsibility, the 36th Wing is accustomed to playing host to a myriad of bomber, refueling and fighter aircraft. In light of the

  • Andersen hosts SFARP

    Four squadrons of F-18s from the Naval Air Facility at Atsugi Japan, along with approximately 550 military aircrew personnel, are at Andersen Air Force Base (AFB) until April 10 for the Strike Fighter Advanced Readiness Program (SFARP). The fighter squadrons deploy to the island biannually for

  • Combat Logistics course teaches a broader perspective

    Andersen members from various career fields attended the Air Force Institute of Technology's Combat Logistics course here March 7 to 14 to broaden their horizons and strengthen themselves as professional Airmen. The course is designed to prepare Air Force logisticians to operate in today's combat

  • Andersen's Best : A1C Christopher Gross

    Airman 1st Class Christopher Gross, 736th Security Forces Squadron fire team, was awarded Team Andersen's Best, March 15.Airman Gross is part of a team that deploys throughout the Pacific area of responsibility during times of disaster to provide humanitarian relief and security in foreign

  • Andersen's Best : SrA Matthew McCoy

    Senior Airman Matthew McCoy, 36th Munitions Squadron Missile Maintenance Support technician, was awarded Team Andersen's Best, March 8."Airman McCoy is a work-horse within the conventional air launched cruise missile flight," said Staff Sgt. Herbert Hall, Airman McCoy's supervisor. "He continually

  • Military Working Dogs: behind the display of bite and bark

    The spectators cheer as Mike, a 36th Security Forces Squadron military working dog, obeys his handler's every command and sinks his teeth on the decoy's arm during a demonstration at the University of Guam, March 13.The decoy for that demonstration, Staff Sgt. Kyle Stout, a 36 SFS military dog

  • Andersen members lend a hand in Cambodia

    As a result of minimal and inaccessible healthcare, the 14.1 million citizens of Cambodia, a country still struggling to leave behind the remnants of a tumultuous history, are often subjected to a lifetime of illness and disease.To alleviate the suffering of a people who bear the scars of war,

  • AFAF 2012 to kick off

    The annual Air Force Assistance Fund is scheduled to kick off March 26 and run through May 4.The AFAF was established to raise funds for the charitable affiliates that provide support to the Air Force families (active duty, retirees, reservists, guard and their dependents, including surviving

  • Senior Enlisted Leaders visit Guam

    Senior Enlisted Leader visited Andersen AFB March 8 to view operations.   During the tour the leaders visited multiple shops on Team Andersen, meeting with deployed members and permanent party. 

  • Andersen's Best: Staff Sgt. Jauvarie Lewis

    Staff Sgt. Jauvarie Lewis, 36th Security Forces Squadron Military Working Dog handler, was awarded Team Andersen's Best here, March 1.Sergeant Lewis and his partner MWD Carlos/H395, a German Shepherd Detection dog, search for contraband within the installation and ensure that those trying to bring

  • F-16 divert results in strengthened bonds

    An F-16 fighter jet assigned to Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska made an emergency landing while performing a training mission in support of Exercise Cope North 2012 in the U.S. territory of Saipan, Feb. 21.Upon landing, the aircraft slid off the end of the runway, coming to rest approximately 380

  • 36th Wing named Air Force outstanding unit

    The 36th Wing was recently named as a recipient of the prestigious Air Force Outstanding Unit Award for exceptionally meritorious service from Oct. 1, 2009 to Sept. 30, 2011.The award was created by the Department of the Air Force Jan. 6, 1954. It is awarded by the Secretary of the Air Force to

  • DATE SAFE Project coming to Andersen AFB

    The 'DATE SAFE' Project is coming to Andersen Air Force Base March 13 at the Sunrise Conference Center and there are numerous presentations happening to support this initiative. "Can I Kiss You" is at 2:30 p.m. This is a mandatory formation for single Airmen 26 and under. All other military are

  • New TRICARE features improve online capability

    TRICARE Online is the Military Health Systems internet point of entry that provides all Andersen Medical Group and Department of Defense beneficiaries access to available healthcare services and information through an enterprise-wide secure portal. TRICARE Online users who receive their care at

  • Local ROTC cadets practice 90 at 90 initiatives

    Team Andersen Airmen introduced the "90 at 90" physical fitness standard initiative to local Reserve Officer Training Corps cadets Feb. 26, allowing them to experience the active-duty expectations first-hand. The high school cadets from John F. Kennedy High School in Tumon, Guam, spent most of the

  • Andersen’s Best: Staff Sgt. Whitney Rogers

    Staff Sgt. Whitney Rogers, 36th Wing Protocol specialist, was awarded Team Andersen's Best here, Feb. 23.Sergeant Rogers was the protocol officer on the high visibility visit of Maj. Gen. Timothy Byers, the Air Force Civil Engineer's visit to Andersen, where she drafted itineraries, organized 12

  • Andersen celebrates black history month

    Andersen's Multicultural committee sponsored a Black History Month celebration luncheon, for Black History Month entitled "Through the Times" at the Top of the Rock ballroom Feb. 24.  More than 100 people showed up for the event which featured the Andersen's Praise Team, Andersen Middle School's

  • Andersen recognizes 2011s top performers

    Team Andersen recognized six Airmen and four civilians for their hard work and dedication both on, and off duty during the Annual Awards Banquet held Feb. 10 at the Sheraton Laguna Resort in Tammuning.Each year, the recognition of outstanding performers serves as a reminder that Airmen and personnel

  • Andersen concludes Asia-Pacific SMEE

    As part of U.S. Pacific Command's Theater Security Cooperation Program, a multilateral subject-matter expert exchange co-hosted by senior civil engineer and security forces personnel from Headquarters 13th Air Force concluded here Feb. 23.The exchange, called Pacific Unity and Pacific Defender,

  • Main gate to receive facelift

    Traffic calming is a set of strategies put in place to slow the speed of oncoming traffic and increase safety for motorists, pedestrians and cyclists alike. The concrete barriers located at Andersen's main gate are a prime example of a traffic calming device.However, upon further examination, the

  • Health care: benefit, individual responsibility

    Did you know in 2011 over 2,100 appointments resulted in no-shows for the 36th Medical Group? A missed appointment without prior notifications cost the military approximately $100 in lost opportunity, meaning over $210,000 was wasted in the past year alone. Additionally, patients who failed to

  • Andersen servicemembers save when dining out

    The Army & Air Force Exchange Service is taking a bite out of the price of dining as shoppers using their Military Star card at participating Andersen Exchange restaurants will now receive 10 percent off their entire purchase. "Whether it's a Whopper at Burger King a sandwich at Subway or any other

  • 23 EBS showcase abilities to international audience

    Team Andersen and deployed servicemembers from other installations and forces are here to practice war fighting capabilities routinely. Recently Team Andersen was honored to showcase their talents to an international audience in Singapore. February 14 and Feb. 18 the 23rd Expeditionary Bomb Squadron

  • Relationships enhanced, lessons learned at Cobra Gold 2012

    "Peace is not the absence of conflict, but the ability to handle conflict by peaceful means."Ronald Reagan's famous words were put to the test as service members from the U.S., Kingdom of Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and the Republic of Korea fought to maintain peace in the face

  • Team Andersen, RAAF, JASDF group to assist local community

    Team Andersen Airmen joined members from the Japan Air Self Defense Force and the Royal Australian Air Force to participate in a community beautification project in Dededo, Guam, Feb. 18.The community relations event volunteers joined efforts with one another to volunteer at three locations

  • Andersen’s Best: Tech Sgt. Sharnta Bullard

    Tech. Sgt. Sharnta Bullard, 36th Medical Operations Squadron, was awarded Team Andersen's Best here, Feb. 9.Sergeant Bullard has filled the non-commissioned officer in charge 36 MOS Ambulance Services over the last three months due to the assigned NCOIC deploying. Being her first NCOIC role,

  • Tower renovations improve operations, training capabilities

    While aircraft conduct sorties from the flightline, Andersen's air space provides training for deployed forces improving the Air Force's warfighter capability. This complicated ground and air dance of aircraft and vehicles depend upon the command and control of the tower. After four decades of

  • 90 at 90: nutrition matters

    As Team Andersen members strive to attain a 90 percent on their physical training test, they are left to sort through the thousands of articles on the Web about how to lose weight and keep it off. The trouble is, each source swears to a different fat-blasting method than the last.This year, Team

  • Andersen Airmen recognized for life-saving actions

    Airman 1st Class Cody Frediani, 36th Civil Engineer Squadron Explosive Ordnance Disposal apprentice, was awarded the Air Force Achievement Medal Feb. 16 here for his precise execution of life saving skills under the most unexpected of circumstances. It was just after 4:30 p.m. and Airman Frediani

  • Budget request preserves troop health benefits, official says

    The $48.7 billion in medical spending contained in the 2013 defense budget request follows Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta's often-stated priority of keeping faith with military members, a senior Defense Department official said Feb. 13.Though the request would establish or increase TRICARE

  • Cope North 2012 Aircraft take off for training

    Different aircraft take off from here in support of exercise Cope North 2012, Feb. 15. More than 1,000 military members from units spanning the Pacific are scheduled to begin arriving this week for exercise Cope North 2012. The trilateral exercise, which began Feb. 11 and will run through Feb. 24,

  • Twilight wake up call

    F-16 Aircraft from 18th Aggressor Squadron, Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska are parked in the early morning during Cope North 2012 Feb. 15. The 18 AS is here in support of Cope North 2012, flying as the opposing force to the other aircraft participating in the Exercise. Exercise COPE NORTH 2012, a

  • AF 2013 budget: Cuts while keeping agile, flexible, ready force

    The Air Force released its fiscal 2013 budget Feb. 13 and stressed the need for difficult budgetary cuts to meet the new defense strategy while maintaining the service's agility, flexibility and readiness.The Air Force is requesting $154.3 billion in the president's 2013 budget, a reduction of five

  • 18th Aggressor Squadron takes to the skies

    F-16 Fighting Falcon Aggressors launch during Cope North 2012, Feb. 14. More than 1,000 military members from units spanning the Pacific are scheduled to begin arriving this week for exercise Cope North. The trilateral exercise, which began Feb. 11 and will run through Feb. 24, is a multinational

  • National Children's Dental Health Month Feb 2012

    This February marks the 61st annual National Children's Dental Health Month and Team Andersen dental officials want children and parents to understand the importance of taking care of your teeth. Attitudes and habits established at an early age are critical in maintaining good oral health throughout

  • Man vs Wild: father, son fight to stay alive

    "I thought we were going to die," said Tech. Sgt. Matthew Alanza, 36th Wing noncommissioned officer in charge of chaplain affairs, as he looks back on what he describes as the single most horrifying experience of his life.A stoic expression settles across the sergeant's face, as he reflects on the

  • Cope North 2012 combines forces, efforts

    Joint operations kicked off between the U.S. Air Force, the Japan Air Self Defense Force and the Royal Australian Air Force as the first day of exercise Cope North 2012 began at Northwest Field here, Feb. 13. Whether it was the JASDF's F-2s flying alongside the RAAF's F-18s, or RAAF troops joining

  • 736 SFS crowned warrior day champs

    Leading the way in the race to achieve 90 at 90, the 736th Security Forces Squadron clenched victory during the 36th Contingency Response Group's quarterly warrior day competition here Feb. 6.With chests heaving and the unmistakable glint of competition in their eyes, the four-person 736 SFS team

  • Andersens Best: Senior Master Sgt. Sean Garrison

    Senior Master Sgt. Sean Garrison, Detachment 3 superintendant, was awarded Team Andersen's Best here, Feb. 9. Sergeant Garrison was part of the initial set up of 9th Operations Group, Detachment 3, home of the Silent Hunters. From the smallest procedures to the largest construction projects,

  • Cope North 12-1 kicks off

    More than 1,000 military members from units spanning the Pacific are scheduled to begin arriving this week for exercise COPE NORTH 2012. The trilateral exercise, which will run Feb. 11-24, is a multinational exercise designed to enhance air operations between the U.S. Air Force, the Japan Air Self

  • DOD begins prorating imminent danger pay

    Service members now will receive imminent danger pay only for days they actually spend in hazardous areas, Pentagon officials said here today.The change, which took effect yesterday, was included in the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act, which President Barack Obama signed into law Dec.

  • Andersen's Best: Staff Sgt. Joby Mathews

    Staff Sgt. Joby Mathews, 36th Mobility Response Squadron engineering specialist, was awarded Team Andersen's Best here, Jan. 26.Sergeant Mathews is a remarkable Airman whose expertise has an impact on worldwide humanitarian relief efforts launched from Andersen. "Since arriving at the 36 MRS last

  • Andersen, GovGuam, NBG conduct joint exercise

    Exercise evaluators looked on as the sound of sirens shattered the morning calm and the exercise casualty count climbed during an aircraft incident scenario on the flightline here Jan. 30.The ability of Andersen Airmen to respond to an emergency, care for injured personnel and transport them to a

  • 36 MDG clinic named best in Air Force

    Cheers echoed throughout the sprawling entryway of the 36th Medical Group here as Brig. Gen. John Doucette, 36th Wing commander, announced the medic's latest conquest: 2011 Air Force clinic of the Year.Having won the Pacific Command title four years running, the coveted Air Force level award had

  • Marlin's Swim Team takes charge

    There's a dead silence over the calmness of the water as the starting pistol sounds. Then pure adrenaline and muscle takes over pulling contenders across the water wearing purple and gold swimsuits.The purple and gold swimmers are from the Andersen Marlin's Swim Team, made up of Team Andersen youth

  • Andersens Best: Staff Sgt. Joseph Hale

    Staff Sgt. Joseph Hale, 36th Munitions Squadron, was awarded Team Andersen's Best here, Jan. 5. Sergeant Hale led eight personnel during a 100 percent Depot team inspection on 268 Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missile missiles worth $224.3 million. With his leadership, the inspection was completed

  • Dont Taze Me Bro!

    Airmen from the 36th Security Forces Squadron train with the X26 Electronic Control Device during instruction Jan. 17. The students will take turns test firing the device and learning all safety and handling instruction before being allowed to carry it on their person.

  • Andersens Best: Staff Sgt. Kylie Herron

    Staff Sgt. Kylie Herron, 36th Communications Squadron, cable antenna maintenance technician, was awarded Team Andersen's Best here, Jan. 12.Sergeant Herron proved to be a vital member during the temporary air traffic control tower standup. She installed and connected 100 feet of copper cabling and

  • Andersens Best: Airman 1st Class David Brown

    Airman 1st Class David Brown, 36th Comptroller Squadron budget analyst, was awarded Team Andersen's Best here, Jan. 5. Airman Brown is a major asset to 36 CPTS where he is responsible for managing the 36 Medical Group's 1.3 million dollar program and advising their resource advisor on all budget

  • 90 at 90: 36th Wings current standings

    For many, January has become synonymous with lofty weight loss goals and renewed visions of fitting into that old pair of skinny jeans. This year, 36th Wing commander, Brig. Gen. John Doucette, has provided an extra incentive to turn those wishes into reality in the form of a challenge: 90 at

  • Andersen takes aim: "90 at 90"

    Maintaining peak combat readiness begins and ends with healthy, motivated and well-trained Airmen. To ensure no one is left behind, base leadership is seeking to implement a new program pushing servicemembers to the pinnacle of physical fitness.The new initiative, called "90 at 90", was set in

  • Information Assurance: Defending Cyberspace

    Today, as never before, Department of Defense networks and the personnel who maintain them are being tested to the very limits of their ability to deflect assault. Attackers all over the world are utilizing every conceivable method to gain access to our critical systems and introduce malicious code

  • Hot off the press! The counterintelligence restricted report

    The Air Force Office of Special Investigations Detachment 602 needs your help! As a servicemember, military dependent, U.S. Government employee, retiree or government contractor, you have access to information of value to the adversaries of our country. Foreign intelligence and security services can

  • Do the Spice, Pay the Price

    Spice use is on the rise and Air Force officials are using methods such as drug testing, education and the Uniformed Code of Military Justice to put a stop to substance abuse. While the Air Force has always had a zero-tolerance policy, as of Jan. 4 Guam officials have banned the substance as well

  • Andersen leads the way to AFNet migration

    Last month, Andersen Air Force Base became the first base in Pacific Command to successfully migrate to the Air Force Network. With the exception of a handful of computers and user accounts, most 36th Wing personnel and mission partners are now operating on the AFNet.Serving as the pilot base for

  • Rules Restrict Political Activity by DOD Personnel

    With election activity steadily picking up, defense officials are in the process of issuing regular election-year guidance to remind military and Defense Department civilians that they're subject to rules regulating their involvement in political activities.This issue -- one the department regularly

  • Andersen’s Best: Ms. Yolanda Flores

    Yolanda Flores, Aerial Port Flight secretary, was awarded Team Andersen's Best here, Dec. 29.Ms. Flores is a driven secretary who meticulously controls all Aerial Port Flight enlisted and officer performance reports and provides final quality check. Ms. Flores completed 125 reports this year with

  • Everyday heroes: Eagle Eyes helps fight terrorism

    With the threat of terrorism still ringing hard in the ears of Americans, every citizen, military or civilian, has the opportunity to take action in the ongoing war on terrorism.The Eagle Eyes program is an Air Force anti-terrorism initiative that enlists the eyes and ears of Department of Defense

  • Andersen AFB Post Office transition Monday

    A grand opening is scheduled to be held Jan. 9, at 9:15 a.m. at the new Andersen Post Office located next to the Base Exchange. The new site will be ready to accommodate the Andersen community at that time and will continue to sell stamps, postage for parcels and money orders.The last day for

  • Air Force offering second round of VERA/VSIP

    The Air Force is offering a second round of voluntary early retirement authority and voluntary separation incentive pay beginning Jan. 9.The move is part of the Air Force's continuing effort to meet the Department of Defense requirement to maintain civilian funding at fiscal 2010 levels"The Air

  • Dietary supplements removed from Exchanges due to health concerns

    The Department of Defense has implemented a temporary moratorium on the sales of products containing DMAA within military facilities. The moratorium will remain in effect pending further review of relevant scientific evidence and reported events, officials said.Recent reports show that two Soldier

  • Defense bill affects pay, separation bonuses, more

    President Barack Obama signed the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act on Dec. 31, 2011, which increases active-duty and reserve pay by 1.6 percent and governs Defense Department activities, from procurement to military personnel policy.Several provisions in this year's act will potentially

  • Rota Drive light show for Andersen Community

    Members from the Andersen community came out to see the Christmas lights during Andersen's Rota Walk here, Dec. 17. Each house was decorated with lights and other ornaments by different units and groups. Nearly 50 houses were decorated for this years Rota Walk.Several activites were available to

  • Holiday spirit spreads through Operation Christmas Drop

    While many children wake up each year to Christmas presents surrounding their chimneys, some children in the pacific islands receive their holiday surprises from something a bit different then a sleigh, and there are no reindeer or chimneys involved. On Dec. 12, Andersen Airmen, along with the help

  • Andersens Best: Staff Sgt. Jarrett J. Boyd

    Staff Sgt. Jarrett J. Boyd, 554th REDHORSE structural craftsman, was awarded Team Andersen's Best, Dec. 13.Sergeant Boyd is an exceptional craftsman that takes charge on his projects and is trusted to train the Airmen on the latest structural techniques. He led a crew of four in design, fabrication

  • Miami Marlins visit Andersen AFB

    Members National Baseball team the Miami Marlins and The Miami Mermaids visit Andersen Air Force Base, Guam Dec 9. The tour is part of the" Visit Our Troops 2011,"  they also visited with troops in Hawaii and Japan.

  • Yokota Christmas Drop aircrew delivers life-saving medical supplies

    Despite a developing tropical cyclone nearby, a C-130 Hercules aircrew from the 36th Airlift Squadron at Yokota Air Base, Japan, successfully delivered 25 boxes of life-saving IV fluids to the Micronesian island of Fais, Dec. 14, at approximately 10:50 a.m. The mission came in response to a recent

  • Thrift savings plan contribution limits increase in 2012

    The Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board has announced the 2012 elective deferral limit for regular Thrift Savings Plan contributions has increased from $16,500 to $17,000 for 2012, Air Force Personnel Center officials said. The TSP catch-up plan contribution limit will remain at $5,500. TSP

  • Operation Christmas Drop, cheer from above

    Operation Christmas Drop 2011 got underway here, Dec. 12, with the help of 374th Airlift Wing from Yokota Air Base, Japan. OCD is a private organization that collects goods to distribute to more than 50 Micronesian Islands every year at this time. The flights serve as a training mission for the

  • Going green, an Andersen initiative

    While the Air Force has always taken pride in 'going green,' Andersen has recently taken an extra step in the process by introducing low flow showerheads into Andersen homes and posture for tomorrow fight on energy awareness. Brig. Gen. John Doucette, 36th Wing commander, was the first to install

  • Andersen's Best: Senior Airman Jeremy Flint

    Senior Airman Jeremy Flint, 36th Maintenance Squadron metals technology journeyman, was awarded Andersen's Best, Dec.1.Airman Flint's maintenance expertise and adherence to the technical data has directly impacted the mission's capability of the aerospace ground equipment flight, repairing 46

  • Andersen AFB Post Office transition

    Base Housing ResidentsIn the next few days, USPS will deliver a packet of information to Andersen AFB housing residents only. Once you receive this packet, we need you to fill out the PS Forms 1093 and 3575, bring two forms of identification to the current post office (building #21001) so that you

  • NORAD ready to track Santa's flight

    The North American Aerospace Defense Command is getting ready to track Santa's yuletide journey.The NORAD Tracks Santa website, http://www.noradsanta.org, went live Dec. 1 featuring a countdown calendar, a kid's countdown village complete with holiday games and activities that change daily, and

  • Team Andersens Best Staff Sgt. Elizabeth Ramos

    Staff Sgt. Elizabeth G. Ramos, 36th Force Support Squadron Career Development Element, was awarded Andersen's Best, Nov. 23.Sergeant Ramos is a consummate professional and the cornerstone of Career Development. She takes the utmost pride in every task and is a true team player. As the supervisor of

  • Andersen farewells 20 EBS, welcomes 23 EBS

    Honing their expertise for the last four months, Airmen from the 20th Expeditionary Bomb Squadron from Barksdale Air Force Base, La., bid farewell to Andersen after their deployment, here while the 23 EBS from Minot AFB, N.D., arrives. Andersen has hosted the Continuous Bomber Presence since 2003

  • Guam rocks out with Air Force Tops in Blue

    Arrive in Guam, check. Set up stage, check. Rock the house, check. Members of the U.S. Air Force entertainment group, Tops in Blue, performed Nov. 29 at the University of Guam Field House, Guam. Tops in Blue are the expeditionary entertainment unit of the Air Force, avision created by retired Col.

  • 554 REDHORSE lifts last VSC walls

    Brig. Gen. John Doucette, 36th Wing commander, spoke with members of 554th REDHORSE squadron during an on-site visit to the vertical special capabilities warehouse in North West Field, Nov. 22. The VSC is a one year project being built with pre-cast tilt-up panels, and when complete the building

  • Rota Drive Walk: a history, celebration

    Team Andersen will make the annual Yuletide pilgrimage known as Rota Walk from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Dec. 17, on Rota Drive in Andersen base housing. This year, roughly 50 houses will be decorated and equipped with food, beverages and seasonal activities. "Rota Walk is a continuation of a tradition that

  • 13 RS reservists join Team Andersen in Global Hawk training

    More than 140 Air Force reservists from the 13th Reconnaissance Squadron at Beale AFB, Calif., have spend the last month deployed to Andersen, joining the active duty Global Hawk detachment members in training on the remotely piloted aircraft. The 13 RS reservists work with the active-duty

  • Andersen children get a 'Kick' out of Sports

    Children ages 3-5 play in a soccer game Nov. 20 here as part of the new 'Sports for Tots' program. The soccer season began Nov. 8 and will last six-week sessions giving parents time to sign their children up. The next season sport will be baseball then football and cheerleading. There will be

  • Andersen's Best: Staff Sgt. Jason Smith

    Staff Sgt. Jason Smith, 36th Wing chapel program support non-commissioned officer-in-charge, was awarded Andersen's Best here, Nov. 17.Sergeant Smith led the way on new chapel renovations of more than $5 million in construction for three of the chapel facilities, enhancing the chapel's ability to

  • Tops in Blue's 'Rhythm Nation' to rock Guam

    Members of Team Andersen will host a free live performance of the Air Force's premiere entertainment group, Tops in Blue, open to all in the Guam community, Nov. 29 at University of Guam field house in Mangilao at 6:30 p.m. This year's event marks the first time in more than a decade Tops in Blue

  • 36 CRG reaches out to support and assist Thailand

    Team Andersen's 36th Contingency Response Group has recently deployed seven members to assist the Royal Government of Thailand in disaster relief efforts. Natural disasters can occur anywhere, at any time without warning, and the 36 CRG is trained to deploy and provide support with quick response

  • Andersen's Best Airman First Class Leinel Lopez

    Airman First Class Leonel Lopez, 734th Air Mobility Squadron passenger service agent, was awarded Andersen's Best here, Nov.3. A1C Lopez provided critical ground service support for 52 medical evacuation missions, expediting the movement of 35 patients to advanced medical facilities. He is the

  • Air Force refines force presentation, generation

    Air Force officials have been working for more than two years to develop a more consistent force presentation model for the Air Expeditionary Force deployment system.Future changes in how the Air Force presents its forces in the joint environment and generates forces to support combatant commanders

  • Andersen to implement new foreign national entry policy

    A new policy regulating the entry of foreign nationals onto Andersen AFB will be implemented on December 1st, 2011.The new policy requires all sponsor's of foreign nationals to visit the Visitor Control Center at the main gate to officially request approval to sponsor a foreign national onto the

  • Little hands, Big Help for Operation Christmas Drop

    Children from Andersen Elementary School painted boxes that will be filled with toys, clothing and goods for Operation Christmas Drop Nov. 15 here. Throughout the week of Nov. 14, every grade will participate in decorating these boxes. Operation Christmas Drop is a non-profit organization powered by

  • Andersen's Best Staff Sgt. Christopher McKay

    Staff Sgt. Christopher McKay, 20th Expeditionary Bomb Squadron intelligence analyst, was awarded Andersen's Best here, Nov.3. Sergeant McKay spearheaded higher headquarters directed missions providing critical training for the 36th Wing and Australian Air Force exceeding Pacific Commands mission

  • Multi-service office to advance air-sea battle concept

    The Department of Defense announced the creation of a new office to integrate air and naval combat capabilities in support of emerging national security requirements Nov. 9.In the 2010 Quadrennial Defense Review, former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates directed the Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps

  • Andersen's PRTC trains frontline defenders

    "Contact front!" echoes through the trees as a cadre from the 736th Security Forces Squadron Commando Warrior Flight instructs a class of defenders training for upcoming combat operations at the Pacific Air Forces Regional Training Center here, Nov. 7.Airmen from the 736 SFS Commando Warrior Flight

  • Air Force Network (AFNet) Migrations on the Way to Andersen AFB

    Andersen AFB will soon become the second Pacific Air Forces base to migrate its computer users into a central Air Force Network (AFNet). On Nov. 14, technicians will begin migrating Andersen workstations, network users and email into the AFNet. The goal of this project is to collapse all individual

  • Air Force announces civilian workforce restructuring

    Air Force officials announced several adjustments to the civilian workforce. In response to direction from the Secretary of Defense for DoD to stop civilian growth above fiscal year 2010 levels and the need to add 5900 positions against the Air Force's top priorities, the Air Force eliminated

  • Sports for Tots kicks-off the season

     Sports season is starting up again, and while teenagers are grabbing their soccer balls and footballs, so are toddlers and young children this year.Team Andersen has just kicked-off the 'Sports for Tots' soccer season and children ages 3-5 are encouraged to come join the fun Tuesdays at 5 p.m. and

  • 36 CES Haunted House - A Frightening Success

    It was a dark and eerie night, and the 36th Civil Engineer Squadron made sure it was a frightful Halloween weekend for the Andersen Air Force Base community. At the 36 CES Haunted House, located at the edge of base housing at 1960 Pacific Lane, the sounds of screaming, banging and revving chainsaws

  • General Byers visits Andersen civil engineers

    Major Gen. Timothy Byers, Air Force Civil Engineer, Headquarters U.S. Air Force, came to visit Team Andersen's civil engineers and receive updates on installation and infrastructure projects Oct. 28. The visit was also for the general to gain insight on success and challenges having to do with the

  • Andersen's Best Airman 1st Class Kendall Thompson

    Airman 1st Class Kendall Thompson, 36th Medical Group medical technician, was awarded Andersen's Best here, Oct. 28.Airman Thompson performed trauma assessment and neuro checks during a real-world incident in Tumon, Guam. Airman Thompson witnesses a young women being struck by a vehicle and aided

  • Air Force modernization takes B-2 to North Pole

    Taking off from the flightline at Edwards Air Force Base, Calif. (AFNS) Oct. 27, a B-2 Spirit travelled to the top of the world and back again on a mission to test the aircraft's hardware and software upgrades, endurance and performance at extremely high latitudes. The more than 18-hour mission to

  • Officials continue enlisted DOS rollback program

    Air Force officials announced Oct. 28 plans to continue an enlisted date of separation rollback as part of its ongoing measures to manage the force and maintain a quality enlisted corps.The DOS rollback will accelerate the date of separation for selected Airmen in the grades of senior master

  • Ribbon cutting opens Combat Support Vehicle Maintenance Facility

    Andersen Air Force Base (AFB) partnered with Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) Marianas Oct. 26, for a ribbon cutting for the new Combat Support Vehicle Maintenance Facility (CSVMF) at Northwest Field.The $13 million project is a joint use building intended to support the units

  • AF updates image: phases out BDU

    The Air Force has finalized an image update, phasing out a uniform that has been worn by military servicemembers for more than two decades.As of Nov. 1, the wear of the Battle Dress Uniform will be prohibited and the Airman Battlefield Uniform and ABU items will be mandatory according to Air Force

  • 724 ASTF is 'Outstanding'

    The 724th Aeromedical Staging Flight, a reserve unit here, received their first rating of 'Outstanding' during a recent Health Services Inspection Sept. 22 to 25. Health Services Inspections assess Air Force Medical Service programs and processes to provide senior leadership with accurate data upon

  • Andersen agencies help Airmen, families cope with holiday stress

    The holiday season is a time for joyful smiles and priceless moments with friends and family. But for some, surviving the holidays away from loved ones, reindeer sweaters and cherished traditions may seem to be more of a challenge than a celebration. Numerous agencies at Andersen, and Air Force

  • 36th Wing quarterly award winners announced

    The quarterly award winners for the 36th Wing were announced during a breakfast ceremony held at the Sunrise Conference Center here, Oct. 27. Each group supported their representatives during the ceremony, and a winner was selected for the Airmen, NCO, SNCO, civilian and volunteer categories.At the

  • Andersen's Best Senior Airman Javon Shipman

    Airman 1st Class Javon Shipman, 36th Contingency Response Group cyber surety apprentice, was awarded Andersen's Best here, Oct. 20. As a cyber surety apprentice, Airman Shipman completed an 8 hour NCC-D V4 training course that established 665K dollar tactical communication equipment, enabling cyber

  • Service members help to give facelift to bus stops

    Fifteen Marines and sailors from Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 115 and Strike Fighter Squadron 94 completed maintenance and upkeep on several bus stops here Oct. 19. The purpose of the project was to provide an opportunity for residents to see another side of armed forces as members of a larger

  • Andersen students celebrate Red Ribbon Week

    Red Ribbon Week is the nation's oldest and largest drug prevention program, reaching millions of Americans during the last week of October every year. By wearing red ribbons and participating in community anti-drug events, young people pledge to live a drug-free life and pay tribute to Drug

  • Team Andersen wished a fun, safe Halloween

    With candy, pumpkins and costumes lining store shelves and spooky decorations hung in windows, it's no doubt that Halloween is right around the corner and Team Andersen wants to ensure that everyone has a fun yet safe holiday. Trick-or-Treating this year will be from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. in base

  • Hot off the press! The counterintelligence restricted report

    The Air Force Office of Special Investigations Detachment 602 needs your help! As a servicemember, military dependent, U.S. Government employee, retiree or government contractor, you have access to information of value to the adversaries of our country. Foreign intelligence and security services can

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