2024 JROTC Fitness Challenge - Guam

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Pedro Tenorio

73 volunteer service members from each U.S. Armed Service branch gathered at John F. Kennedy High School, Guam, to mentor cadets and facilitate the 3rd annual island wide Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (JROTC) fitness challenge.

This challenge was started by Master Sgt. Bradley Franklin, 36th Wing Support Agency Development Advisor, and JFK JROTC instructors to promote fitness through friendly competition and to make sure the next generation of potential service members are up to the challenge physically. 

This year, seven schools competed, each with two teams of 10-12 cadets. Each team went through a gauntlet of physical tests. These tests were performed one after another and included push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, plank, a mile run and an equipment trail run. Each team member was evaluated and scored. The team with the best average score won. At the end, for bragging rights and plain-old fun, the cadets competed in a final battle of tug-o-war.

Of the seven schools, only three received placements for the final podium. In third place was the Army JROTC team from Southern High School. Second place was won by the Marine Corps JROTC team from Okkodo High School. Finally, the big shots, the winners of first place were the Air Force JROTC team from John F. Kennedy High School.

After witnessing the amount of work each team put in and the camaraderie between both cadets and volunteers Chief Master Sgt. Nicholas Taylor, 36th Wing command chief, summarized the importance of this event.

“What an amazing event and way for the military community to give back to the kids,” Taylor said. “To mentor them, to develop them, to give the opportunity to compete and maybe one day serve.”

All 73 volunteers are proof of that dedication to help mold the next leaders of the community.

Finally, besides the promotion of physical exercise, this field of challenges also provided a great mental exercise. One that proved to the cadets that even though their bodies were pushed to their limits,  they didn’t stop moving toward their goal. Their tenacity was observed by Chief Taylor, and he left them with these final words of advice.

“No matter how hard it gets, how hard it seems, simply stay in it,” Taylor said. “Everything you do requires work, dedication, sacrifice, commitment, and whatever that is [you do], stay in it. You can do it.”