Linebacker of the Week: Senior Airman Tristan Lewis

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Emily Saxton

 U.S. Air Force, Senior Airman Tristan Lewis, a wing administrator for the 36th Wing, was recognized as the 36th Wing’s Team Andersen Linebacker of the Week, at Andersen Air Force Base, Guam, Nov. 29, 2023.

The Team Andersen Linebacker of the Week recognizes outstanding enlisted, officer, civilian and total force personnel who have had an impact on achieving Team Andersen’s mission, vision and priorities.

As a wing administrator, Lewis monitors the task management tool, disseminating Higher Headquarters taskers to the entire wing. He also quality checks hundreds of stratified enlisted performance briefs and officer performance briefs that close out at the wing level. Additionally, Lewis is a unit security manager and cybersecurity liaison. He builds and manages the 36th Wing entry authorization list and monitors more than 350 names weekly for classified meetings, only allowing entry to authorized members. Lewis completes hundreds of cyber requests across the entire wing, enhancing communication between the wing leadership team and subordinate units.

“I’ve learned a lot from incredibly brilliant people and have developed some phenomenal relationships with people that will be lifelong friends,” said Lewis. “I wouldn’t trade my experiences I’ve had for anything.”

Lewis collaborated with multiped units across the wing to move a 720-pound safe to the wing deputy commander’s office. He ensured the safety of all members and his efforts led to the completion of the task in less than 12 hours and garnered five letters of appreciation from the wing commander to all the volunteers. Furthermore, Lewis managed, distributed and actioned 91 higher headquarter actions for 2,400 total force personnel. His efforts led to a 97% on-time rate and resulted in 11 11th Air Force award winners and 26 wing-level award winners. Finally, he identified a three-year long discrepancy in the 36th Wing Headquarters secure internet protocol router package. He built a new package for seven rooms, which rectified the issue and improved operational and communications security by 100%.

“I believe that leading by example builds a relationship of trust and respect between you and your shop,” said Lewis. “If you go above and beyond for others, they will go above and beyond for you.”

The term Linebacker is rooted deep within Team Andersen’s history. Operation Linebacker II took place on Dec. 18, 1972, and was the largest number of heavy bomber strikes launched by the U.S. Air Force since the end of World War II. During the operation, B-52s from Andersen flew round-the-clock bombing missions over North Vietnam to destroy major targets in Hanoi and Haiphong in an effort to bring the Democratic Republic of Vietnam back to negotiations.

The recipient will have the opportunity to sign a “Linebacker” football jersey that will be displayed in the Wing Headquarters building.

Way to go, Lewis!