Guam Army National Guard hosts Guam Cybersecurity Summit

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Akeem K. Campbell
  • 36th Wing Public Affairs
On Nov. 6-7, 2023, representatives from local and national agencies have visited the University of Guam lecture hall and gymnasium to partake in the 2024 Central Pacific Cybersecurity Summit.

“Over the next two days, we are going to lean on one another, exchange ideas, and use our collective expertise to fortify our island and our regions’ ability to not only respond but to recover from a cybersecurity attack,” said Lou Leon Guerrero, governor of Guam. “Because to simply say it’s a priority is an understatement. It is mission-critical to our island’s defense and our nation’s defense that we get this done.”

The goal is to execute a whole-of-government and community approach by providing opportunities for several different local and national agencies to communicate, exchange and strengthen strategies and ideas that will bolster the different levels of cybersecurity, while also deterring adversaries and promoting integrated deterrence.

“We recognize the vulnerability and weaknesses of our cybersecurity program, so we came up with the Central Pacific Cybersecurity summit to gather all the experts that can help us solidify and prevent future cyber-attacks,” Leon Guerrero said. “We want to protect and make a solid plan of actions to strengthen our cybersecurity and cybersecurity deterrence.”

Agencies such as U.S. Indo-Pacific Command (USINDOPACOM), U.S. Cyber Command (USCC), Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), FBI, Guam Homeland and Civil Defense, Guam Office of Technology (OTECH), public utilities, internet service providers, Joint Region Marianas (JRM), Andersen Air Force Base, Marine Corp Base Camp Blaz, U.S. Coast Guard and more attended the summit sharing information and resources they had to offer.

Jennilyn LaBrunda, CISA cybersecurity advisor, discussed the resources available on the CISA website. Adam Dickinson and Robert Schuett of Google Mandiant, discussed the performance of Intelligence Led Security.

“This is just one of many ways that we can combine the efforts of our friends to come up with a unified plan to address every evolving threat of cyber-attacks.” said Aguigui Esther, Guam Homeland Security advisor. “And what better way to do this great event than with a cybersecurity summit.”

The summit was the second in a series hosted by the Guam Army National Guard to address both natural and man-made cyber threats experienced during Typhoon Mawar in May, and according to Lt. Col. Bumjin Park, Guam Army National Guard chief information officer, this will not be the last time Guam will have a cybersecurity summit. The goal is to continue to strengthen whole-of-community relationships, develop comprehensive and robust plans, provide ongoing training and exercises, and ensure continuity of cybersecurity efforts for the defense of the homeland.

“With so many experts in the room, this integration creates strength that is greater than the sum of its parts,” said Lt. Gov. of Guam, Josh Tenerio. “This integration showcases our relationships and unity of effort. When it comes to defending the island and nation we love and call home, this integration deters. Integrated deterrence is a watchword over at USINDOPACOM, and this is the work we are doing today.”