36th Contingency Response Support Squadron undergoes assumption of command and redesignation to 36th Tactical Advisory Squadron

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Akeem K. Campbell
  • 36th Wing Public Affairs


The 36th Tactical Advisory Squadron (TAS), formerly known as the 36th Contingency Response Support Squadron (CRSS), underwent an assumption of command and redesignation ceremony here on June 28, 2023.

“As the mission of the squadron expands to a primarily air advising mission, the redesignation was necessary in order to align with and reflect the new weight of effort,” said Lt. Col. James “Tweek” Sinclair, commander of the 36th TAS. “Our squadron will be the forward edge of engaging with our partners and allies, increasing capabilities and interoperability with the U.S.”

While the mission of the 36th TAS aligns with the former 36th CRSS mission, this redesignation emphasizes that the squadron will expand more on air advising missions.

“We are not traditionally a contingency response force,” said Master Sgt. Rich Wilkins, 36th TAS flight chief of the mission support flight. “As an air advisor, we are with our [allied] partners before, during and after a contingency. Our mission set doesn’t allow us to simply respond to a contingency; it is our job to ensure interoperability with our partners and allies through all stages of conflict.”

According to Sinclair, the core of the air advisor mission is the personal Airman to Airman relationship building. It is often the first step in joint training, increasing interoperability, and ensuring that the U.S. remains a key partner of choice in the theater. They accomplish this by building partnerships and partner capacity with allied nations, performing security cooperation missions and performing security cooperation missions.

While still in process of approval through the historian and heraldry, the 36th TAS is also slated to have new patches.

“It’s in the works and correctly reflects us as Loggerheads,” Wilkins said. “It’s always a great day to be a Loggerhead!”