Patriot Express flights will be offered twice a month from Guam

  • Published
  • By Airman Spencer Perkins
  • 36th Wing

The Guam Patriot Express route will continue to operate on the first and third weekend of the month with flights to Kadena Air Base, Japan and the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, through the end of this year.

The PE, also known as the “Rotator” or “Cat B flight,” is a Department of Defense contracted commercial charter flight which provides travel for service members on official duty and their families. The PE also provides Space Available travel opportunities for eligible members.

“Initially, the PE was only going to be offered two times a month for peak permanent change of station season during the summer, but it is now going to be offered two times a month until further notice,” said Staff Sgt. Kalem Postell, 734th Air Mobility Squadron passenger service supervisor. “There will be more opportunities in the future to utilize what is probably the most reliable form of transportation back to the U.S. and Japan that we have on the island.”

On Guam, the PE is provided via the Air Mobility Command passenger terminal, operated by the 734th AMS, at Andersen Air Force Base.

The Patriot Express route from Seattle to Guam to Kadena is relatively new, with service beginning in March of 2020. Flights previously operated monthly from October through April, and expanded to twice per month from April through September to accommodate summer PCS traffic.

Per the Defense Travel Regulation, PE flights are available for booking 90 days prior to the month in which travel will begin. Military members and their dependents in PCS or TDY status can make travel reservations through their installation Transportation Office.

Space-A sign up forms, PE schedule, documentation requirements and additional information can be found on

“The PE is the most cost effective and reliable method available on Guam for eligible travelers and their families to get back to the U.S. on leave or for official travel,” said Postell. “Continuing this will offer more opportunities for travelers to take advantage of this service the Air Force offers.”

Families in PCS status are authorized to transport their pets (cats and dogs only) on the PE for a nominal fee, but are limited to two pets per family. Additionally, pet capacity is limited based on the carrier’s cargo configuration. Pet reservations are made through the passenger’s installation transportation office, and passengers are responsible for obtaining and meeting all pet shipment requirements, quarantine and fees associated with the shipment of their pet(s). Pet transportation is not authorized for Space-A travel. Additional information can be found on the AMC Pet Travel Site:

The 734th AMS operates the freight terminal, Air Mobility Command passenger terminal and en route aircraft maintenance at Andersen Air Force Base. The squadron falls under the 515th Air Mobility Operations Wing.