36th Contracting Squadron helps Andersen AFB get the mission done

  • Published
  • By Airman Spencer Perkins
  • 36th Wing Public Affairs

“The 36th Contracting Squadron is here to purchase commodities, services, and construction projects so that Team Andersen can get the job done,” said Staff Sgt. Shawndae Wilkins, 36 CONS government purchase card program noncommissioned officer in charge and agency organization program coordinator. “If we’re not here to buy it, there’s a good number of things our mission partners won’t be able to get.”

The 36 CONS oversees purchasing activities for the 36th Wing, which includes approximately 200 accounts in the GPC program, and tenant units such as the U.S. Space Force.

For this fiscal year so far, the 36 CONS oversaw 3,774 GPC transactions for a total of approximately $6.3 million. They’ve also approved 208 contracts that have obligated the government to pay a total of about $39 million.

The largest contract vehicle that the 36 CONS has is the Simplified Acquisition Base Engineering Requirements contract. The contract was awarded to one contractor for up to $50 million in simple construction projects supporting Andersen AFB and Northwest Field over the next seven years. Some of the construction projects under the SABER contract include the renovation of the Meehan Theater and the renovation of the Sunrise Conference Center.

“We are a specialized career field where you have to go through certain training to purchase things on the government's behalf,” said Wilkins. “Each contracting officer has a warrant and this warrant allows us, as individuals, to obligate the government to pay out a contract.”
In order for an individual to get a contracting warrant, they need to go through four contracting specific courses, have 12 months of full-time experience applying contracting competencies, take a comprehensive contracting officer exam and undergo 80 hours of continuous learning every two years. They also need to be approved by their supervisors and their commander.

Although the contracting officers are the ones who can sign off on a contract, the contracting specialists are the ones doing the research to find the best options.

“We help to assist the contracting officers in making purchases of acquisitions,” said Airman 1st Class Liel Cuneo, 36 CONS contracting specialist. “We do market research as well as making sure the purchase complies with the Federal Acquisitions Regulations.”

Once the contracting specialist has a contract ready, a contracting officer will review it before it is finalized.

“It’s about supporting Team Andersen,” said Wilkins. “We’re here to execute and get everyone what they need to accomplish the mission.”