19. Tin City Steps: Going down into a grassy field, this small flight of steps is the last remnant of a vast metal barracks complex built for deployed maintenance crews during the Vietnam War. Ironically, the barracks also housed hundreds of Vietnamese refugees in 1975, during Operation NEW LIFE. The units were largely destroyed by Typhoon Pamela in 1976.

20. Top of the Rock: This facility was built in 1963 as the base’s NCO club, as part of the Typhoon Karen Rebuild project.

21. F-4E Static Display: Mounted 1991, on the grounds of the old Skyview outdoor theatre, this memorial commemorates AAFB’s role as an important stopover point for thousands of jets on their way to and from Southeast Asia in the 1960’s and early 1970’s. It was repainted as the 36th WG’s flagship in late 2007, then restored and repaint as S/N 69-0236, the 36th Tactical Fighter Wing 36 TFW) flagship in the early 1970s.

22. Fleming Heights Housing: Nicknamed “Flintstones” houses, Fleming Heights was the first permanent concrete housing constructed at AAFB. Built in the late 1940’s, the small but significantly upgraded structures have withstood multiple typhoons and earthquakes over the last half century.

23. Chapel II: This striking structure’s completion in 1964 marked the end of the post-Typhoon Karen Rebuild at Andersen.