1. Arc Light Memorial: Standing on the site of the original WWII and Korean War Wing HQ building, the monument lists the names of all B-52 crewmen who lost their lives during the Operation ARC LIGHT bombing campaign (1965-1973), including LINEBACKER II. It was dedicated on 12 Feb 1974.

2. B-52 Static: The original “Old 100” B-52D S/N 55-0100 was placed at Arc Light Memorial in 1973. Then, due to severe corrosion “Old 100” was removed and replaced by B-52D S/N 56-0586 in 1983.

3. Revetment Memorial: Although the revetment was blown away by Typhoon Omar in 1992, this memorial plaque reminds us of an important aspect of Vietnam wartime operations on Andersen.

4. Combat Skyspot Memorial: In memory of the ground radar network used in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War, and the 18 Skyspot men who gave their lives, one of whom is was a Medal of Honor recipient. The Skyspot antenna rested here until destroyed by Typhoon Pongsona, but the base and plaque still remain.

5. Munitions Memorial: The bomb static displays and memorial are a poignant reminder of the munitions Airmen and the their hard work here during the Vietnam War.

6. Outdoor Stage: Until the early 1960s, this was the location of the rotational bomb wing headquarters. During the 1970s and 1980s, the area was used Sister Village huts, traditional Chamorro buildings constructed in miniature to commemorate the Sister Village sponsorship program. It is now a focal point for various outdoor events.