HSC-25 insignia

Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron TWENTY FIVE was established on 21 April 2005 upon the disestablishment of Helicopter Combat Support Squadron FIVE (HC-5). Originally commisioned on 03 February 1984, HC-5 developed a reputation for exceptional service and support to Fifth and Seventh Fleets and the Commonwealth of Northern Marianas Islands. The HSC-25 insignia was developed to acknowledge our honorable legacy and embrace our exciting future.

The trident held by the eagle symbolizes the emphasis being placed on the combat capabilities of the helicopter in the maritime environment as well as pays homage to our naval heritage. The loads hanging from the trident represent our past, present, and future mission of VERTREP. The five stars remain as a legacy to HC-5, and the globe is arranged to represent our Area of Operation and our service to the Pacific Fleet. the black background represents the expanding night capabilities of our pilots and aircraft.