Schools in Guam
Active-duty military members, and federal employees hired from the U.S. with return rights, may chose to enroll their children in Department of Defense Education Activity Schools, Guam public schools, private schools or may choose to home school. However, if parents chose to enroll their children in any schools other than DoDEA, they will be responsible for paying any potential costs the schools may assess for attendance.

DoDEA Guam School District
The DoDEA schools on Guam opened September 29, 1997. All eligible DoD family members may enroll. The district consists of two elementary/middle schools (grades K-8) and one high school (grades 9-12). One elementary/middle school is on Andersen (North Elementary/Middle School) and the other (South Elementary/Middle School) is on COMNAVMARIANAS property. The DoDEA high school sits on top of Nimitz Hill, in the former COMNAVMARIANAS headquarters.

All teachers meet the certification standards for U.S. accreditation. The teaching staff has taught at schools throughout the world and is extremely enthusiastic about working in a system with national standards and high expectations. The North Central Association of Colleges and Schools accredits the schools.

A district superintendent, deputy superintendent, five curriculum specialists, student transportation, management information systems and personnel specialists support the DoDEA Guam School system.

More information on the DDESS Guam school system is available at

Employment With DoDEA Guam School District

Those interested in employment with the Guam DoDEA schools should call the Personnel Field Unit at (671) 344-9570, visit the DoDEA Superintendent's Office in the Naval Hospital Housing Area or review the Web site at

Guam Public Schools

Guam Department of Education
P.O. Box 398
Agana, Guam 96932
Phone: (671) 475-0457
Fax: (671) 472-5003
Web Page:

The Guam Department of Education is responsible for grades K-12 public education. Approximately 32,000 students, representing diverse ethnic groups, attend Guam's 36 public schools. The school year includes 180 instructional days, which usually begin the third week in August and end the first week in June. Several public schools use a year-round calendar. The educational system organization is as follows: elementary (K-5), middle (6-8) and high (9-12) school. Preschool children of income-eligible families may enroll in Head Start classes at selected locations. Call (671) 475-0484 for details. Mandatory school ages are five to 16 years. Children whose fifth birthday is on or before the first day of school must enroll in kindergarten.

The learning environment may range from a modern two-story structure to wooden frame re-locatable classrooms. Most teachers are fully certified and the rest are primarily limited-term teachers who have degrees in their subject area. Total student involvement occurs when parents and school staff form an active team. School officials encourage parents to stay active by meeting with teachers and school staff, participating in school activities, parent organizations or school advisory councils, providing daily guided study time and resolving concerns as soon as possible. To assure maximum achievement, parents need to take an active role in their children's learning experiences.

Home Schooling
As in many states, home schooling is also an educational option in Guam. There is no requirement for home-schooling parents to register with any local or military agency on island, although they should keep detailed records of their home-schooled students' progress. Many states are strict about what they will and will not accept when giving credit for student work in a home-schooling program.

On Guam, home schoolers are subject to 17 Guam Code Annotated, Chapter 6, Section 6108, which outlines the basic requirements for home schooling. Home-schooled children must receive instruction in English, in several branches of study the public schools require, for at least 3 hours per day for 170 days each calendar year. The Guam Home Schoolers' Association serves as a primary network and support group. Its address is P. O. Box E, Agana Guam 96932. Phone: (671) 637-7625. For more information, pick up a packet at Navy Family Services Center or the Air Force Family Support Center.

Private Education
There are approximately 25 private schools in Guam. Many of these are affiliated with religious denominations. Many private schools are limited in the number of spaces available for new students, so parents should register early. Tuition averages about $3,600 per year and ranges from $1,850 - $9,500.

For a list of private schools in Guam, contact the Air Force Family Support Center or the Navy Family Service Center.

When preparing to leave Guam for a new assignment, parents should notify their children's school at least one week in advance. As in many U.S. school districts, Guam public schools will not release original student records to parents. Parents may request copies of information in their child's school records for a fee. The new school will write to the child's previous school and request the cumulative records.

Those interested in teaching positions with the Guam Schools should hand-carry official transcripts, signed verification of previous teaching experience, including dates and places of employment, and a copy of a valid teaching certificate issued by a U.S. state or territory. A bachelor's degree is the minimum degree requirement for a Guam Professional I Certificate.

Guam public school certification and employment information and applications are available before arriving on island by writing to: Associate Superintendent for Personnel, Department of Education, P.O. Box DE, Agana, Guam 96932 or by calling (671) 475-0495, faxing (671) 477-0698 or viewing the Web page, at: For employment with private schools or DoDEA schools, contact the appropriate office directly.

Higher Education

Both Air Force and Navy Education offices offer degree programs through the University of Maryland and the University of Oklahoma.

The University of Maryland is the only undergraduate school offering courses throughout the island, and offers instruction in a variety of academic fields.

The University of Oklahoma has a master's degree program in Human Relations, which has applications in a wide variety of people-oriented professions.

The University of Phoenix. offers a Master of Management/Master of Management - Human Resource Mgmt with the following features: On-ground classes, meets once a week, no internship, no GRE/GMAT, 50% discount from stateside price.

For off-base education, the University of Guam, on a 120-acre campus in Mangilao, offers bachelor's degrees in 30 fields and a graduate school that offers degrees in six fields. UoG's four colleges are the College of Arts and Sciences, the College of Education, the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, and the College of Business and Public Administration.

For off-base vocational/technical courses, the Guam Community College offers various 2-year degrees and certificate programs. The Western Association of Schools and Colleges accredits both University of Guam and Guam Community College.

Both Education Centers offer a number of tests, including CLEP, DANTES, ACT, PEP and GRE. If these acronyms are confusing, stop by the center and pick up a description. Most of these tests are free to active-duty members; civilians must pay a fee. Many tests are in stock, which means there is no waiting to test, but the education centers cannot stock some tests. Students completing correspondence courses, either from a civilian institution or from a military school, can take their exams in the testing room.

For information on higher education opportunities, call your respective base education office. The Andersen education center is in Bldg. 21000, room 721, and the phone number is 366-3170. The Navy education center phone number is 339-8291.

University of Guam
UOG Station,
Mangilao Guam 96923
Phone: (671)735-2990
Web site:

Guam Community College
P.O. Box 23069 GMF,
Barrigada, Guam 96921
Phone: (671) 735-4422
Web site: