Sexual Assault Prevention and Response

To reinforce the AF's commitment to eliminate sexual assault through a comprehensive program that provides prevention and awareness education, ensures compassionate and effective response for survivors, and cultivates a base-wide wingman culture that is predicated on mutual respect and trust.

The Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SARC) implements and manages the base SAPR program and is the main point of contact for reporting, response and victim advocacy. The SARC reports directly to the Vice Wing Commander.

The SARC is responsible for ensuring a victim support system that provides 24/7 victim response, victim advocates, information, referrals, case management, and support services for sexual assault victims who are eligible for services at AAFB. Victims who are minors (under age 18) are referred to the Family Advocacy Program for assistance.

Victim Advocates (VA) are volunteers who provide essential support, liaison services and care to the victim. Only military personnel and DoD civilian employees selected by the SARC may serve as VAs.

Restricted Reporting: Available to active duty members and their dependents, age 18 and above. This reporting option provides medical treatment (including a forensic exam, if desired), mental health services, chaplain services, Victim Advocate support, and other referral options, without launching an investigation or notification of the victim's chain of command. Service members and their adult dependents that are sexually assaulted and desire restricted reporting must report the assault to one of the following:

* VA
* A healthcare provider
* A Chaplain

Unrestricted reporting: Available to military and civilians over the age of 18. Allows for medical treatment, counseling, command involvement, and an official investigation of the crime. When selecting unrestricted reporting, the victim should use current reporting channels (chain of command, law enforcement, the SARC, or request healthcare providers to notify law enforcement).

For more information call 366-7714 or email
To report a sexual assault call the 24hr Help Line at 366-SARC (7272).