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Employment OptionsThere are continuing vacancies available on Andersen AFB, mostly federal or federal contract positions at temporary, part-time, and full-time. While there are opportunities outside the base, unless special qualifications are required by the employer with commensurate compensation, most of the wages are at minimum level. Good job prospects include hotel and restaurant service, accounting and administrative positions. Fair job prospects include teaching and nursing. Poor job prospects include Federal service, GovGuam and construction. Note that professional positions are often placed at lower-level vacancies.

The Airman and Family Readiness Center assists on creating and fine-tuning resumes, interview skills, job-search, career development, and offers computer resources.

Dislocated Spouse Program

Any spouse that had to resign from their jobs in order to follow the active duty member to Guam may be eligible for this program. The program allows spouses to continue their education to be more marketable in the community. Spouses are referred to the Agency for Human Resources Development Office for placement in this program.

Local Economic Climate

Guam frequently experiences labor shortages. However, recently unemployment has been running at 19 to 21%. Much of the unemployment is driven by the cyclical nature of the hotel and visitor industry. Wages are slightly higher than usual, turnovers are common.

Employment Documentation

Before you leave for Guam, ensure you have employer references with all certifications documented, a current resume, and fairly detailed employment history for the application forms.

Air Force Reserve Opportunities

If your family member is a reservist and is interested in a reassignment to PACAF or work short-term active duty man-day tours, contact the HQ PACAF Reserve Affairs Office at DSN: 315-449-0584.

Unemployment Benefits

Guam does not have "Unemployment Benefits". Check with the state laws you are at prior to departing to verify eligibility for unemployment compensations. Some states will provide compensation for a short period for spouses PCSing into a state that does not have unemployment benefits.

Transition Assistance

The Transition Assistance Program is located in the Airman & Family Readiness Center. "Click " on the "Relocation Assistance" located on the front page under "more information", for a synopsis of the Transition Office, office hours and location.

Tuition Assistance

AFAS Spouse Tuition Assistance Program assists eligible spouses with tuition for approved university and trade programs. The STAP is only for spouse of active-duty Air Force member. Contact the AFAS Officer at 671-366-8136 for more information.

36 FSS Civilian Personnel Office, 366-2378

Provides assistance and guidance to federal civilian personnel employed by Andersen. Personnel policies and procedures relevant to federal employment are available by request.

36 FSS Non-appropriated Fund (NAF) Human Resources Office, 366-6141/4761
The Human Resources Office (HRO) is the place to visit if you are looking for either full-time or part-time employment. The NAF HRO accepts applications for Non-appropriated Fund (NAF) jobs located in the various Services Squadron facilities here at Andersen AFB to federal employment are available by request.

Department of Navy, Civilian Human Resources

The Federal Government's Official Job Site

Contracting Positions Job Sites

Other Job Sites
http: //www.guampdn.com/jobs


For information on MyCAA and Military Spouse Education and Career Opportunities, visit Military OneSource.