Andersen Airmen Against Drunk Driving (AADD)



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Andersen's Airmen Against Drunk Driving (AADD) program is an organization devoted to saving lives by being available when Airmen need them most. The AADD mission is to reduce the occurrence of alcohol-related driving incidents by providing military members a safe form of transportation without fear of repercussion if their plans to get home safe fall through.

The AADD program covers every valid military ID card holder on base, regardless of unit affiliation. The program is also open to retirees and family members. All they have to do is call 366-RIDE (7433.)

Airmen that volunteer for AADD can be in the comfort of their own home until a dispatcher requests them for a pick-up as long as they have a cell phone to be reached at. Also, sign-up is now available on the SharePoint for Friday/Saturday each week.

The drivers work in pairs and are never alone with a member of the opposite gender during a pickup.

All people that use AADD do not have to come back to base, they are taken directly to their place of residence whether on base or off.

Normally, the AADD hotline is open from 11 p.m. to 3:30 a.m. every Friday and Saturday.

To reach the AADD hotline, call 366-RIDE (7433).

For more information about AADD, visit the Andersen Air Force Base SharePoint site and click on "Community Sites." To volunteer as a driver for AADD, e-mail