Food Service

The Andersen Food Service team provides Team Andersen with the sustenance needed to accomplish the mission.

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Magellan Inn "1% Better Every day!"

Services offered:

  • Free Wi-Fi connection for personal use
  • DV reservations for special functions
  • Main Line (entrees, starches, and veggies)
  • Snack Line (grilled entrees, i.e. hamburgers, grilled cheese, hotdogs, fries, etc.)
  • Salad Bar (Offers 13 different vegetables to choose from)
  • Deli Line (6 types of sandwiches made)
  • Grab and Go (two specialty wraps, assorted yogurt parfaits, fruit, soy milk, white milk, chocolate milk, canned sodas and bottled water)

 In an effort to improve healthy eating habits, Magellan is participating in the “Go For Green” nutrition education program to help simplify healthy food choices. All food choices are color coded on the Menu Cards. 

  • Enlisted members on a meal card
  • Enlisted members receiving basic allowance for subsistence
  • Active Duty Officers
  • TDY personnel(officer, enlisted & civilians) directed to dine at the DFAC on stated orders
  • Authorized Guardsmen and Reservists on UTA drills and IDT orders
  • Spouses and dependents accompanied by the military member
  • Authorized special groups and organizations





Flight Kitchen

Attention Customers,

For Flight meals at the Flight Kitchen Show please call 366-5158 someone is available 24/7 to take orders


dining facility hours

Magellan Dining Facility (Bldg. 25010)
DSN: 366-5158 COMM: (671)366-5158

Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday

  • Breakfast: 0600-0800
  • Lunch: 1100-1300
  • Dinner: 1700-1900
  • Midnight Meal: 2300-0030

Weekends/Federal Holidays/PACAF Family Days

  • Brunch: 0600-1200
  • Dinner: 1700-1900
  • Midnight Meal: 2300-0030


Upcoming Events





Yes! It is confirmed there are 6 sandwiches made and they are:

Turkey Sandwich, Ham & Turkey Sandwich, Club Sandwich, Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato Sandwich, Roast Beef Sandwich and Roast Beef Sub.

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  • Flight meals please call 366-5158 someone is available 24/7 to take orders