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Task Force Talon Mission


We pride ourselves on being a well-trained and disciplined organization that

employs the best technology with the most competent professionals.  We are

ready to protect U.S. Homeland assets on Guam TONIGHT.  We are focused on

the mission, we take care of Soldiers and  their families, and ensure every

member of the organization is a respected and contributing member of the

Guam community.


Task Force Talon deters, and if deterrence fails, neutralizes TBM threats to

Guam in order to support USPACOM Regional Homeland Defense.

Joint-Combat Search and Rescue Exercise

Joint-Combat Search and Rescue Exercise

Task Force Talon Combatives at Andersen AFB

Task Force Talon Combatives at Andersen AFB

Task Force Talon Combat Search and Rescue Exercise

Task Force Talon Combat Search and Rescue Exercise

Tenant Unit News


Task Force Talon

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Task Force Talon Soldier and NCO of the year competitors and winners. The two winners will move on to Hawaii to compete in May.
Task Force Talon Soldiers along with some members of the Air Force had the opportunity to train on the Counter Unmanned Aerial Surveillance virtual reality trainer.
Former Notre Dame standout and Dallas Cowboys star linebacker Jaylon Smith, along with the USO visited Site Armadillo today to show his appreciation of the troops.
SECFOR ORE’s offer realistic training for our Guam National Guard brothers and sisters. #TeamTalon
Members of Task Force Talon participate in monthly Leader Professional Development.
#Readiness determines our ability to fight and win our nation’s wars; it is the capability of our forces to conduct the full range of military operations to defeat all enemies regardless of the threats they pose.
The Guam National Guard will be taking over security duties at Site Armadillo in less than one month. Today was their first look at their areas of operation.