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Andersen families participate in effective discipline class

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Cierra Presentado
  • 36th Wing Public Affairs
The 36th Medical Operations Squadron Family Advocacy Program sponsored a 1-2-3 Magic class July 23, designed to give Andersen families tips to effectively help their children learn and grow in a safe environment.

The class was targeted for parents raising children ages 2 through 12 and focused on controlling the behaviors that children go through while approaching adolescence, such as arguing, fighting, screaming, tantrums and teasing.

"Most parents that come through this class have already tried their own methods of disciplining, which may not have worked," said Dolores Naputi, 36th Medical Operations Squadron Family Advocacy Program education services facilitator and 1-2-3 Magic course instructor. "One of the big reasons for the class is to teach the parents to stay consistent with the way they discipline their children and provide them with more effective options."

The course covered all bases of the 1-2-3 counting procedure and showed examples of effective communication with children and their reactions shown. Parents were able to use the course as a tool by choosing a method of discipline they think may work for their children.

Staff Sgt. Robert Laughlin, 36th Munitions Squadron, Conventional Air Launch Cruise Missile flight chief, and his wife said the class proved helpful when it came to disciplining their own two children.

"This is the second time we have been through the course, and we have used the methods that they teach," Laughlin's wife said. "We like to incorporate as much as we can from the course with disciplining our own kids."

During the class, parents were able to share problems and experiences they had with disciplining their children.

"Many people (originally) think that by attending the class they have failed parenting or that they are not able to control their kids, but as the coordinator, I like to express to families that they are just enhancing their disciplining methods," Naputi said.

Naputi follows up with members who participate in the class, to see if it positively affected their family and to see if further guidance is needed.

"I always follow up with the attendees just to see how they are doing and I always receive positive feedback," Naputi said.

Along with the recurring 1-2-3 Magic class, the Family Advocacy Program also promotes other beneficial parenting courses such as the 24/7 Dads, Parenting: the Love and Logic Way, Couples Communications, and Surviving Your Adolescents.

"These classes are so very helpful and I recommend any parent that may not know what to do when it comes to disciplining to go through this class at least once," Laughlin said. "And the great thing is there are more classes to follow with; it's a great program."

The 1-2-3 Magic class is held every other month at the 36th MDOS Health and Wellness Center. Individuals or families who are wishing to sign up for a class can call the Family Advocacy Program at 366- 5167.

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