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Team Andersen goes back to school

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Adarius Petty
  • 36th Wing Public Affairs
Guam Department of Defense Education Activity schools are heading back to school.

The 36th Wing Safety Office and local school officials have released safety tips precautions motorists and pedestrians alike should follow to keep students safe during periods of high traffic times near the base schools.


-  Increased traffic during the school year calls for increased vigilance

- Always watch for children while driving near schools and housing

- The speed limit in housing areas is always 15.

- The speed limit in parking lots is 10 unless posted otherwise

- Stay alert for the flashing yellow lights on Santa Rosa Boulevard the speed limit goes from 25 to 15 before and after school hours

- Slow down when approaching cross-walks; don't assume pedestrians will yield

- Do not block crosswalks with vehicle

- Always pay attention to crossing guard directions

- Do not drop of children in the school bus drop off area

- Always stop for buses that are loading and unloading children

- When the red flashers on buses are operating, drivers in all lane must stop.

- Stay vigilant after school hours as children attending after school activities are still out and about.


- Only cross roadways at designated crosswalks

- Look before crossing; don't assume drivers will stop (follow the left, right, left rule)

- Stay alert for cars in driveways and making turns

- Always walk on sidewalks when available

- Do not wear headphones while crossing roads or parking lots

- Ensure young children are accompanied by a responsible adult when walking to school

- Don't be a distracted walker; pay attention to your surroundings

- Walk across the street; do not run

- Wait for the bus in a safe area away from traffic

- Do not approach the school bus until it comes to a complete stop

- Make sure children can see the driver and the driver can see them

- Never walk behind the bus


"It is necessary to know the laws and procedures for the upcoming school year. Parents and children should adhere to all safety precautions to ensure mishaps are prevented." Tech Sgt. Lawrence Robison, 36th Wing Safety, ground safety technician "Parents should also ensure they discuss all safety concerns with their children to make sure they understand the rules of the road and increase their situational awareness. Preventing accidents is the number one goal."

Making sure the youth of Team Andersen are safe is extremely important; therefore, knowing the safety procedures can be very helpful in making sure they stay safe going back to school.

"It is not only important for parents and children to know the hazards when school is back in session but all of Team Andersen. This will ensure we keep everyone safe and out of harm's way." Said Robinson, "During the school year, the traffic increases significantly in the school and housing areas. We all need to stay vigilant by following the rules of the road so we can keep Team Andersen safe." 

Students who ride a bus to the school are dropped off in the designated area and must renew their bus pass yearly. Parents can call school bus transportation at 366-5467 for more details.

 For more school safety tips, contact the wing safety office at 366-7233.

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